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Why is Re crewing an hulk "almost pointless"?

The enemy needs min. 2 actions but more likely 3-4 to hulk your ship.

So if he Starts out with 6 charges, he will be at 4 charges left if he hulks your ship with 2 charges.

You use 1 and Re Crew to 1 Crew

He now has 4 charges you have 5.

After all charges are spend your ship has 1 Crew and he cant de Crew it again.

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I would agree with that point, if all, or at least the largest part of the ships, would be viable. But given the State of the game, there Are only a few ships per faction which are viable for higher Levels of play, so your Options to counter pick are limited anyway.

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Who stops you from playing 1v1?

And no its not a dick response, it is a simple fact.

You on the other Hand ask for people beeing Banned from playing a game they paid the same amount of money for you did, and not only do you ask for that, you even ask for it without even knowing the reasons for their behavior.
You Put yourself above all others and pretend with your Re quest that you and your idea of how to do things, are some how more important then others.

So again, the solution is this simple:

You want Controll about how the match plays out from start to end? Play 1v1 or play with friends.

But dont act as if you are owed anything by strangers or ask for strangers, which owe you nothing, to be punished because they do not behave as you want them too.

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Well i would go with damage over time, so the defender has at least time to react, going from full to zero is rather frustrating and not really challenging.

And capping troop damage would be nice aswell, i would even say, defender should not be able to drop below 1 troop from boarding. (Collateral damage from ramming and bombers should still be able to hulk a ship, those are easier to counter play)

But if the defender is at 1 troop, Red step, his ship should suffer harsh drawbacks like 70% to reload time and skill cooldowns. So a in firefights, rather weak fleet like marines, would be able to win the shooting battle after boarding the enemy.

This would add a bit more strategy to boarding too, for now boarding is all or nothing, nobody really uses boarding to get an advantage in ranged fights. Alltought thats perfectly possible.

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First of all, community representatives are not programming thats because they are not programmers. Second of all, try to Re read what I wrote. I did not ask for an Patch ready, but for communication. And yes actually i am that responsive in my job, else people might die.

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Well, it is the Monday after Release, there Are quite a few topics about people beeing unable to play the campaigns. I would have at least expected some Info, even a short "sorry, we are looking into it" but nothing so far... which, given how game 1 did end up, is not really helping build trust with the Team...

Or did i miss some announcement?

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Or at least a list which unlocks when would be helpfull. "Hey just wait and see which pointless collectible you unlock next" is not exactly an exiting game mechanic.... (pointless as in "has no effect on game play)

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Given that Gorilla man is on board, Chances are the Canon Version would be that he and cat-o sicarius Managed to drive back abbadon. With Spire beeing just "some Competent Navy Admiral hanging around"

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Just to add:

The skills, Upgrades and picture selections need to stay Selected in the pre battle screen

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Well currently it is en vouge to spam your factions strength. So just try to mass Nova cannons. Cheapest Nova ship * 6 or 7 and one or two escorts. Else you might have trouble against other spam fleets

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