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just want to /bump this, it's a great sign the games on its way. I know I missed out but i'm still really excited!

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as much as i loved your version of blood bowl, the single thing that frustrated me and my friends was that setting up a private tournament we could not level up accrue exp or injuries during these tournaments which reduced the amount of fun. please can you confirm that we can play friends easily and will still work levelling up the gangs?

Hey there,

You can do that, unless you're talking about Blood Bowl 1? Blood Bowl 2 has had this functionality since release.

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Hello all,

I would very very much like it to stay at 3 minutes.

For me the best bit of Blood Bowl is working out those complicated plays and checking that there isn't something else that is better. Yes I could do this in 2 minutes, but it would feel rushed and I would feel hampered.

Can I ask, why the proposed change? 3mins is fine and I don't see why it needs to move?

If however someone could arrange for a 'time bank', that would be ace!

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next year, ok, i'l check back then.

Are you expecting any meaningful news before then?

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If/When this gets to the point that game keys are given out I would be very VERY excited to help.

I've been waiting for this game for maybe 20 years!

I do have some previous experience with this having helped with Blood Bowl Chaos Edition and also Blood Bowl 2. If Cyanide would like to get some early access streams I would love to stream this game on Twitch.

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Top 4 REBBL coaches were:


5th place who also might get a ticket depending on which JimmyFantastic takes was Nourrou

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Hi all,

Join myself and co caster Zunk for the culmination of Season 7 of the Championship Ladder Playoff games; The  grand final between Enarion's Wood Elves and Crucifer's Chaos Dwarves. Massive thanks to Cyanide/Focus there are 500 Euro's on the line, so this isn't just about bragging rights.

We will be going live at 1800 UTC with the final due to start at 2000 UTC. Anyone who misses it but wants to catch highlights they will be on You Tube

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(as it's tomorrow!!)

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Hi all,

I figured everyone was allowed one shameless plug in their life so here's mine - but before you stop reading i'm giving away several copies of BB:LE for free on an upcoming Twitch Stream!


Because what started life as just a bit of a laugh with a good friend of mine, Zunk, has grown arms and legs and taken off. We've been blown away by the response, and therefore we'd like to give something back to the community that we're part of.

I'll be running a raffle that is free to enter - doesn't even need you to be a follower - just physically be there on Sunday 27th August between approximately 1900 UTC and 2000 UTC. I'll be streaming the Season 7 Champions Ladder Semi Final between myself and Crucifier.

If you do want to stop by there link to the channel is here : []

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