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is what I also think, I once read in this forum someone suggesting that they add maps created by users, verified by you and giving credit to the creator, however, this is a good sign of your interest for console users as me and again I'm excited for what the future prepares us☺

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in single player mode it should be possible to have shadows on all nearby objects, right?0_1518657309616_PS_Messages_20180214_185742.jpg

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incredible, it would be great if the developers see your suggestions, I'm sure they would be very happy for your observations, I also play on PS4 and I still enjoy playing with friends and alone

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Oh wow, this has really been a surprise, just in time, before I finish all the maps with 1 star (except aluvion, it seems impossible) thanks friends developers, I'm from PS4

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Hello, this is my first publication and I also think the same, it would be very interesting to know the opinion of everyone in this forum