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@game-knight NO they freaking WEREN'T the rules YOU posted show they weren't.

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I'm not remembering it wrong, that is basically exactly how I stated it. That is not random. You DO NOT roll the skills on the lists.

To quote from what you just posted, "To determine a new skill for a fighter, pick the type of skill you want from those available,"

So even what you quoted doesn't support you. Again all the rolls determined is whether you got to get an stat increase, or if you could choose off a table you weren't normally allowed to. You still CHOOSE once that was determined. That is not random skill generation no matter how many times you repeat that lie.

It even stated that each type had certain list. #facepalm did you even bother to read what you posted?

And personally, I'd like to play Necromunda. Not sure what game you want to play. The Mordheim adaptation while enjoyable wasn't Mordheim anymore. And when you look at the success of BB2 in comparison, clearly fans are more interested in more faithful adaptations.

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@game-knight Nope.

"To climb, a model must take an Initiative test. If he fails it whilst climbing up, he cannot move that turn. If he fails it while climbing down, he falls from where he started his descent"

Which was rare with how the initiative was set up.

And again the skills were not RANDOM, stop lying.

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@game-knight said in Gameplay and Gang speculation video:

@anguloke I think you are misremembering some things.

You rolled when you leveled, if you got a stat roll you did not have to take it, you could go to the skill tables. If you rolled a certain roll you could choose off the non-standard skill lists.

No you did not roll randomly on the skill tables. YOU are misremembering.

"There are several types of skill and each has a separate list. You may not choose the same skill twice"

Each class or ganger type had certain lists it could use and couldn't. Sometimes on the initial roll you were allowed to roll on lists you weren't normally allowed to.

And funny how you say training time adds a factor to managing a Gang, but you don't think to have to deal with not being able to perfectly min max isn't something to manage.

Now I'm all for sticking as closely to the TT, but video games are different.

No, not all of them are different.

A system like this would be extremely frustrating as you had no chance to plan out a character and were left to RNGsus, whom a lot of people dislike!! I can't remember how manytimes Mordheims to hit system got under fire since release... Like insanely...

You have no argument to claim it would be any more frustrating in the video game than the TT. It isn't frustrating at all in BB2 or the TT version of any of the games.

So basically again, you really don't want to play Necromunda clearly.

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Here are good general questions to ask when adding rules in game design. Does it make the game more enjoyable or less? Is it necessary or not for balancing?

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@game-knight said in Things I hope they don't bring from their Mordheim:

So in regards to climbing, it would be completely wrong to just allow automatic climb/jumps for just a SP cost - in the TT you had to make an initiativ test pr. I think, 2 1/2 inch of climbing. This translates into the video game as a percentage test, that is affected by your agility.. It makes perfect sense in my mind to have this in the game, and the SP cost is always 1 (for higher climbs it should maybe be twice that actually)

No it did not work that way.
"He may climb up to his total Movement in a single movement phase (but cannot run while he is climbing). Any remaining movement can be used as normal. If the height is more than the model’s normal move, he cannot climb"

Training time for skills and the likes makes good sense in a strategic video game - it adds a management aspect instead of instant training. It would take away a lot of the challenge of the game if it wasn't there.

It adds nothing positive to the game. This isn't something enjoyable at all, and wasn't part of the TT.

Regarding health they could deffinatly make that differently - the problem is, that you don't have ANY way to defend against ranged combat as you don't have a save mechanic. Only melee can be dodged/parried - all that stands against you and death is a miss. Rethinking it so that it will be use able in a video game will be tough.

Which is a flaw with the game as designed with Mordheim if they carry it over. They need to move to a system closer to the TT to work properly.

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@game-knight said in Gameplay and Gang speculation video:

In regards to the skill training, I actually think a system like XCOM 2 would be be preferable over the BB2, it would reduce the randomness and give the player control over how the character was built. What I think will be needed is to keep some skills away from some gangers, thus making them specialized in their field. Or at least have some skills that required a certain class to pick.

I'd rather they stick to the TT like BB2 did. So basically you don't really want to play Necromunda. As its TT system worked a lot like Blood Bowls TT.

I would rather have this game closer to a simulator of the TT like Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl 2 try to do.

And it wasn't completely random, it was random only in where you got an ability point, or were able to choose from the standard lists for the character. Otherwise, you picked.

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Strategic points for climbing would be a great alternative. That is how the up and down movement is done in the TT, through their measured movement rate.

I don't mind disadvantages in deployment like in Necromunda Scenarios. But at least you had choices in deployment, it was just a restriction on what areas you deployed, not scattering your warband randomly with no control.

I prefer the TT over their mordheim leveling. For the most part you had choices, but sometimes what table you choice from wasn't exactly what you had in mind. The ability of specializing really broke not only balance in my opinion, but part of the fun, in that sometimes you got a roll to pick off a chart you weren't expecting, or even a chart that normally that character didn't have access to. Where in their mordheim it was formula limitations, and min maxing. The was still min maxing in the TT, but it was hard to perfect it with the random factor. And it fit with the idea that sometimes you have to deal with the abilities you are given not what you want.

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I'd guess Enforcers would be one of the early DLCs.

Enforcers, Scavies, Ratskin, etc.

Not a fan of Spyrers. They could get to be OP really quick. If you look here: build a Spyer gang, you can see how they could end up with game breaking gear like 2+ save force fields, etc. Even if they were really expensive limiting you to 3 members, those 3 could become unkillable.

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I'd like them to have a mission objective system like the actually TT game had.

You had kill missions, take and hold, capture objectives, etc.

I didn't like Mordheim's deployment variations. Split your team into 3 strike teams, scattered. They really ruined being able to make your choices tactically. Many, if not most people avoided the missions in Mord that had those if at all possible.

It isn't fun not being able to deploy your team how you would like imo.

I'd like to see them have deployment zones like the TT, with place to deploy all over the deployment zone for your side. Then YOU get to choose if you break off 2-3 members of your gang to one side, or keep them together.