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It is a sad day when a 'proper communication plan' appears to have been outsourced to a YouTuber; Chapter Master Valrak, to be precise. Seems like a way to try and nullify community anger by having the news come from a more popular mouth. Nevermind that some of the information given beggars belief; a release date, advertised on the official product website that is no doubt run by either the producer or developer, being waved off as 'unofficial' and the blame cast on retailers?

I'd write more - had more written, in fact - but I am so bloody tired of trying to care about this farce that I cannot bring myself to complete it. Calling the lack of communication from the developers to their so-called 'valued' community mediocre would be a compliment. I'd respect a simple statement from the devs saying 'We were ambitious, we made a mistake, we're sorry' far more than this on-going silence.

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@netheos said in Focus Press Event:

Hello, Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition will be playable for journalists and influencers at Focus' press event "What's Next" next week. You can hopefully expect some press articles mid-February about the game. Have a nice day!

So much for the promised 'communication plan' that would be provided to the playerbase 'Soon'. Palming it off to journalists and YouTube personalities instead.

I really hope whoever is behind this complete lack of communication is aware of just how incompetent and apathetic both Cyanide Studios & Focus Home Interactive look thanks to this. I know it's been officially said that they don't interfere with each other, but the announcement of these new games combined with the utter Radio Silence and attempt at a quiet delay of release gives a really bloody poor look. If it was just PC users waiting for the free update it'd be bad, but for God's sake this is also affecting console users who had pre-orders that are now in limbo.

Assuming they didn't just cancel the pre-orders altogether. I would at this point.

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Focus Home Interactive, you guys need to make some sort of statement. Urgently.

Your latest posts on the Facebook page are dominated by angry commenters blasting the lack of detail about the apparently delayed Console release; going from December '17 to March '18 with zero comment from the developer is a very bad look and will likely cause a significant downturn in pre-orders.

Your forum is being dominated by, you guessed it, consumers who are becoming rapidly disillusioned and, indeed, even angry over a perceived lack of care and attention by the Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition development team, coupled with the afore-mentioned lack of details.

Your Steam storefront's reviews for Deathwing are currently headed by two negative reviews flagged 'Most Helpful', which both list the Enhanced Edition's complete lack of details, and the woefully lacking communication with your consumers.

Given the recent attention in both traditional and non-traditional media over developers acting deceptively, the worst thing you can do is stay silent. For the love of the Emperor, throw us a bone here!

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