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where is this month update?

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hm... I didnt know that the hidden trucks would be a problem for the game but its a real problem in console... They should consider put them all in the main menu.

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@krd1749 check the mod in steam, there is at least one.

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@epstetique said in Minor sugg: K9000 annoying crane sound:

If the Skidder is just for moving logs, then we have a problem.Cause when you start a game just with one vehicle (Scout vehicle) The game sometimes spawns only the Skidder,Bison and Ford where you can't attach any cranes.What are you supposed to do then?Quit the game and restart until spawns a Western-Star or a Freightliner? You can load short logs and long logs with the Skidder but it's not easy at all as mentioned 🙂

I didnt think about that. As I said in russian maps a k700 always spawn to avoid this problem.
I also find weird that these trucks cannot attach a crane since they have a ton of room left in back of the cabin.

BTW anyone else noticed that the only way to carry medium logs is through the trailer? Cant carry them with a log cart.

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@alpscruiser said in Minor sugg: K9000 annoying crane sound:


A skidder was never meant to be a loader. It’s for hauling logs out of very heavy eniviroments. And that’s what i use it for.
Haul the logs from the log kiosk to a good path where my Truck waits with a crane to load up these logs.

I have to agree with you, but what I said also holds... If we could raise the arm a bit more we could use to load directly.

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i dont remember but it was in mudrunner many months ago. I used a long logs vehicle in the test map slope. As I said the front shouldnt have almost any traction at all since all the load was in the back and also in a slope, but switching to AWD made it climb it.

What I was testing is if I could give ALL the power to the rear wheels without AWD, which is what it would make sense. Instead it seems that it works, for example, splitting the power 33% for each axle, back having 66% (or whatever percentage), and you just turn on and off the front 33% boost. But it should really all the power go to the back if the front is turned off.

The front wheels having so little traction but making an impact, meant that the engine gave more power when I activated the AWD than it was giving before, cause if all the power went to the back with AWD OFF it would have been much more effective than giving it to the front.

I think Im making a mess of an explanation... But what I want to say is that if, for example, the truck has 400hp, if only the back wheels are active, those FULL 400hp should go to the back wheels, which seems that it doesnt in this game.

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I discovered this interesting behavior that its probably useless. I went to one scavenge location with medium logs. Picked them up and carried with the crane without packing them, went to the next location with short logs. Dropped the medium logs on the floor near the short logs, pick up the short logs and leave.

Now the scavenge location shows up as medium logs without having refreshed. This is, I manually changed the scavenge location from short to medium logs by carrying logs to there.

As I said, interesting but probably useless.

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@jorge said in Open diff is no real:

I keep testing and I can say that the open diff do not work correctly. They are running as limited-slip diff because they always pass power to the 2 wheels on the same axle (at different speeds). They never pass 100% of the power to a single wheel as a real open diff would. When a wheel stays in the air with an open diff, it would have to receive 100% of the power.

Youtube Video

is that how really works? afaik there are different kinds of differentials, and having one wheel in the air spining is the most common thing.

tbh im not really bothered by this... im bothered that if you dont use AWD in a truck that can use AWD, it will use only half the power. try it in the test map slope with a loaded truck... without AWD it cannot climb it, but with AWD it can, when the front wheels dont have almost any friction due to all the load being in the back.

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@stazco the problem is that if the skidder is not used for loading, whats its purpose? also, idk if you have noticed, but in every single official map, it always spawns a k700 with a claw. in the two new maps it happens the same, just that instead it spawns either a skidder or a k9000 with a claw, which kinda implies that the skidder is used for loading.

i actually can load long logs by the rear of the truck using the skidder, tho its not easy at all... and if it could raise more the arm, i could load all kinds of logs from the side, like with the k700. in other words, if the arm could be raised more the skidder would go from useless to useful.

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the point is that 80% of the mods are subpar and 98% of them are overpowered. As much as it pains me, there are only a few good models and they all could climb a vertical wall without any problem.

The modded maps have a similar problem, most of them, if not all, are the follow-the-road kind. You cannot shortcut in any way.

I welcome this DLC. I only wish it came with at least 2 more maps.