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I would like to start off by saying that I do enjoy the core gameplay of WWZ, however there are many aspects of the game that were done very poorly or not done at all. The first thing I would like to draw attention to is player mechanics. The sprinting is god awful, you would think that in a zombie apocalypse the player would run much faster. The stamina of all characters is terrible, its like every character has been a heavy smoker for 20 years and has the fitness level of an infant. Another aspect that needs desperate work is that the player can't jump, there are only certain objects that the player can vault over. This is ridiculous when the player is running down a street and they can't even jump on or over a car. These are things I would come to expect to be included in this type game.
The second thing I want to bring attention to is the special zombies. Having 2 zombies that pin you down so that the player can't get up with out help is annoying. It makes sense to need help when being grabbed by the Bull, but the player should at least have the chance to fight of the Lurker.
The third thing I'd like to address is the weapon system. The weapon system is absolute rubbish. There is little to do in terms of weapon customization. All the player can do to customize their weapons are pick which configurations they want for that weapon. Again in a game such as this I expected a level of customization to be like Battlefield or call of duty; maybe not quite that level but something similar. There is also the issue of only 2 primary and secondary weapon options for the player, the player must also unlock the weapons through playing. This is the only good thing about the weapon system and they only implemented 1 other option for the player to choose, more choices equals more fun and equals more time playing the game. I understand that the player can find other, better weapons on the map, but it's more annoying then fun. I like the idea of finding weapons scattered around the map but it should not be the primary way for the player to get a better gun. Leveling up to unlock guns and leveling guns to unlock attachments is fun, its a good system that has been proven to keep player interest and increase the amount of time people play.
I also feel the classes need some work, I find them very unsatisfying and was hoping for more.
I'm gonna stop talking now, if you've read this far thanks for caring a little.
Again I do currently enjoy the game, I have fun when playing but after a while my friends and I (and other players I've talked to) start to get really annoyed and mad and the game to the point where we aren't having fun. And it is mostly due to the reasons I listed above. Unless something is done I don't see the game lasting very long, at least with my friends and other players I have talked to.
It is really fun and super annoying.
Thanks again for reading.