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Remove any custom config files you put it or manually edit and reset your in-game video settings to default.

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I say it should be managed by windows and that windows use it to prevent system failures, that is not suggesting disabling it completely.
When I first read the thread I thought allocating more virtual memory could be a solution for many gamers

Yes in your whole post except the important part i quoted, again, you are contradicting yourself, that was my point. This part suggest that Virtual Memory is not useful, ergo you should disable it, while the rest of your post says "do not touch it".
It gives wrong impression to those who have no clue what it is, the same way you took wrong impression from OP again because you do not understand the implication of it.

Simply put you did say that it is not useful for gamers while it's more useful for gamers than for anybody else these days.
Say you have 11GB VRAM GTX1080Ti and 16GB of RAM. Not having 11GB of Virtual Memory means that 11GB of VRAM eats 11GB of RAM, thus leaving 5GB of system RAM usable for system and apps (it's slightly more complicated but it'll do as an example).

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Why virtual memory at all?
Windows use it when necessary to avoid system failure and it may also be convenient for people only managing editing of large video files - > In other words, it is not a good tool for gamers=)

This is vague and a huge understatement and also suggest that you should not use it which contradicts with everything else you've said in your reply.

Virtual Memory serves several functions one of which you did not mention and that is allocating Video RAM into Virtual Address Space rather than having it being allocated into Physical Address Space (aka system RAM) which is absolutely crucial as it makes your entire RAM accessible for use (see the very OP you are replying under).

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BSOD is caused by system/driver/hardware failure meaning that either your operating system, one or more of your drivers or your hardware malfunctioned.

Also post a screenshot of it (you can for example use you camera to take a picture of your physical screen).

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Could you please use a matchmaking server (Join Game button), have a match, once it kicks you out grab client log from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Logs, submit it here as soon as possible. That way we can grab server-side log and compare what went wrong.

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Could you please record a video of the main menu not being responsive ?

Failing to find match may be caused by your filter settings (region, scenarios, gamemodes) as well as blocked network connection.

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If this happens please post a screenshot of where exactly is Commander trying to call a fire support.

There are some restricted places where Fire Support will not land.

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This issue is caused by our auto-exposure settings and needs to be tweaked out by our level designers.

If you spot place where it is getting too dark over time please post a screenshot with debug Location Overlay enabled (under Game settings).

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This specific message refers to desync between you and the server meaning an actual connection issue whether it is packet loss, high latency to the server, firewall or other security software blocking the game or intercepting the connection, Windows related networking issues, and so on.
It is also possibly that the server crashed/froze which would result in this message in some instances (it usually should spit Timed Out message instead).

@darkuranium Are you suggesting that the game works on different computer in the same network ?

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Please go to (you might paste this into your file manager):


Remove these:

Launch the game and try again.

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