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@roughrider Sorry for the extremely late reply.

Unfortunately, I haven't been too active here on the Focus Forums due to my job and my schooling.

Yeah, Definitely it is in no way meant to be Realistic, it's more of a joy ride, on a hard trail with very little room for error.

I am in the process of creating another map which would be a more of a racing type map for my friends who like to gas it up with so-called "Overpowered Mods" or what not.

I am personally looking for models that would fit this theme, barriers and barrels and what not.

Please give some attention my way in a few weeks hopefully soon and I'll have a map out there for you guys to tumble into trees with, Wreck your vehicle's suspension with, and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage fun.

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Heights has been opened to the public and ready to be trailed on

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heres the passenger side Front.. i dont have driver:

alt text

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2000 cherookee limited 😛
Passenger Side:
alt text

Driver Side:
alt text

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@forces geez look at that sexy Cherokee

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Who would like it if I put 'Heights' out in the Wild(Public) as I work on it.

I know I have done it with Bismark Trails and people enjoyed it

Disclaimer : Heights Still Requires STMR+ mod in order to actually function.

W/o the mod it will break the game, as in your vehicle will be messed up and you aren't able to move.

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Geez, its been Quite a bit since I updated this thread.

Well BTW 'Heights' is burning into its final stage of production so it should be out within december. I still got a lot of things to add and remove and test.

I make changes then I test then go back and edit thats how its been going.

alt text

most of the left portion of the map is finished now working on finishing the right portion of the map

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(Black car went flying off the mountain after racing off the rock)










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For your information this is Based off A section of mountain in Nepal