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when I win a match and a grenade was launched before victory, this kill me and in scoreboard calculate this death.

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Hello, after last patch September 6 2018 I have this problems:

-Shift toggle for "sprint" sometimes don't work, but if I press "C or CTRL" for crouch and press SHIFT, work! 😨
-Flickering inside smokescreen
-Invisible legs
-Adding "100 fps" limiter screens 100hz or simply "locked by monitor refresh rate"
-Strange movement when I lean out and walk
-Fps drop only during the start countdown 40-60fps
-If I click "versus, competitive, coop" multiplayer and after I click "local coop", the local coop starts and meantime search a game multiplayer. When a game has been found, automatically exit from the local coop and start multiplayer.
-Clicking TAB, for the scoreboard, is impossible to click a player's informations, tab scrolls automatically the list of players. Also the "mute" button is hard to click .

Shift Toggle
Smoke flickering

My workstation:
Intel I7 6700k
Asus Strix 1080ti
SSD nvme Samsung 970evo
MB Asus Maximus Hero VIII
Asus PG348q 21:9 gsync 100hz
32gb ram ddr4 3000mhz

Gameplay fps average: 70-80fps 3440x1440px
Video settings: "Very high" no v-sync

Please add FREELOOK whit "ALT" key, similar to most popular FPS games as ARMA or PUBG... often would be

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Insurgency Sandstorm provides for the possibility of adding mods? For example as Insurgency 1 where was possible to develope customized maps with Hammer Editor? But in this case with Unreal Engine.

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"free look" feature it will be implemented in Insurgency Sandstorm?