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Oh I just wanted to report that and found this here with the search function ;).

Addition: It only seems to be a visiual problem (I tried it in a test game )

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@Lexingtond Just as a side note:

The data is available for everyone and in case you have experience with data anlysis and want to investigate things by yourself, you may have a look here:

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Sounds odd. You can definitely reuse a team name after you deleted the old one (I do that all the time). Is it possible that you had a spelling error in the first version of the team?

A simple fix: The check whether a name already exists, does consider spaces, so you can just modify the name by adding spaces somewhere (e.g. beginning or end) to make it unique

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Regarding b): I know that making the chat visible for all the time will screw up the ui, this is why i think it is not realistical to hope that this will come soonish. An alternative would be to display a number above the chat-icon, which shows how many new messages there are (like you have here in the forums). This way the player would see whether there is osmeone active in the chat and would be more likely to click on it

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The players who speak German, may also have a look here:

He made a lot of different videos about the different aspects of Blood Bowl. (I didn't really watch them though)

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+1 please consider changing the chatsystem a bit for the next update, so that:

a) there is a timestamp
b) that it is possible to leave it visible all the time, while still being able to navigate through the menus / start spinning

I understand, that especially b is on the low priority list, but the chat system is not so usefull right now

Remark: I hope I don't sound to demanding :D. I am glad that you fixed some of the major issues already, good job on that :)

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they just released a hotfix, maybe you haven't patched your game yet

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Oh common, enough of this - all of you.

If you just want to play without a schedule against random opponents, the very first league (Cabalvicion Official League) is the way to go. This league has in general 3 competitions from which you can choose:

Anarchy ladder:
This one is new, I haven't played there, this is where you want to go if you play mixed or custom teams

Open Ladder:
This is probably the one you want to go in right now

Champion Ladder:
this one is closed right now, the next season will start soon. what you need to know: there is real price money here and only 5 concessions are allowed in one season

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@midyin said in Why is it so hard to find an online match?:

Am I the only one having this problem? I just want to play against people online. Why do I have to join a league, then enter a competition just to have to wait an hour for a contestant that's not coming?

Just use an Fing lobby system... 😒

Were you able to find the right/official competition in the meantime? If you go to the official ones, you usually don't have to wait for more than 5 minutes

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There was another steam-discussion in which a bugged replay turned up. Since I doubt, that the person who played this game, will post it here, I will do it. The game was:

My coach name - Silus Savage - Match / Newark Patriots vs Tree and a Halfmen.
Replay crashes in the first turn, and the SPP is completely missing from the centerline.

The discussion is here:

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