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@ugh said in Max 12 or 13 losses in the Championship qualifier:

Is the API missing to do this? So many things can be queried by now, why is there no way to call a function that disqualifies a team/bans a player from a competition? Is that a suggestion that fell through? If so, why? If it can be done manually, providing an API which has the same functionality as the reaction to someone using some buttons in the GUI (i.e. a functionality that is implemented already) should not be a monumental task.

Didn't we talk about this before? Currently, everything (including the banning of coaches who conceded more than 5 times) is done manually via a web interface in a very inefficient manner. It may (or may not) be possible to optimize the administrative work by quite a lot if some hero-programmer writes additional tools for the admins to make the steps more automatic. If you feel like you can be that hero-programmer, grab a cape and talk to Dode, he may give you more information about it. (I am serious about that, I even asked Dode the last time, whether it is ok, if I make such advertisement for the admin-team).

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This is a good and reasonable request. It is especially annoying to find the best teams, which belong to the lower-tier-teams.

I know it is not a very satisfying solution for the problem, but if you want to look up the best teams of one race, you can use the goblinspy-database (, which includes a table for the teamranking and an option to filter for certain teams.

What is the appropriate vocabulary in blood bowl if you want to talk about specific teams and general teams? Are the words teams (for single teams) and races (for general teams) ok?

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@voodoomike said in Max 12 or 13 losses in the Championship qualifier:

As I said on one of the two threads related to this topic, I have a terrible suspicion that Cyanide and Focus are generalizing the opinions of a very, very small group of long-time BB players to the entire game, and a lot of them can't wrap their heads around the idea of having rez without removing progression when they don't oppose rez outright. Even some of the people who support the idea of rez declare it absolutely needs to be paired with some other form of attrition before it is implemented with progression, which, given the motivation level of Cyanide to make changes, is the same thing as opposing its implementation.

To be honest, this sounds a bit too much like a conspiracy theory for me. I rather think, that the main problem is a much simpler one: The developers put their main focus on on-pitch-mechanics, graphics & animations* and decided to do only the bare minimum for the rest. Just to name a few things off the top of my head: the way the chat is implemented, everyone sees the "Delete Competition"-button of every competition, the way leagues are administered, the way AIs are put into a league,... . I could go on and on with that list and the implementation of the rez-mode would just be another item on it.

All that said, I would still be carefull with just adding rez with spp-gain to an official league (besides anarchy ladder), since it could change some of the core game mechanics completely and lead to new problems, but the option for private leagues and general testing would have been nice.

*Btw: The graphics and animations are really amazing, I was really impressed when I saw some of the animations the first time and I still enjoy watching them or zooming in and looking at the details which they put into the player models -> they did a really good job here

edit: some minor changes/Have to write additional content, otherwise, the spam-protetction wouldn't let me edit my post :'(. This spam protection system here, is really annoying

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Hi Mordrek,

just a suggestion for a possible improvement of your database:
I think people are really interested into statistics about the mm-pools, so an add-on would be to include a column to the database, which gives you some kind of id to a pool, which lead to the matchup. This way, people could look up, which teams were in one pool and get some overall statistics on how big pools are within a certain timeframe/within a league.

Remark: I had this idea, because I was thinking about doing the analysis again, which I did some month ago, but then I thought it might be really handy, if such data was already available on goblinspy. However, I can understand if this is a bit to fiddly to include.

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I think you really haven't thought that through. Do you know, that you can look on goblinspy, which team should get banned by your suggestion? Unfortunately I can't sent you the direct link here, but you can got here by yourself and search for it. Overall there are 23 teams with 13 or more losses, but 10 of them are already deleted or will be banned soon, due to their number of concessions -> Leaving 13 teams. Of these 13 teams, there are following races:
1 Human
1 Chaos dwarf
1 Nurgle
1 Ogre
1 Goblin
1 Amazon
1 Pro-Elf
1 Chaos
5 Orcs
-> The change would have almost no impact at all and the teams in question are not the traditonal killer-teams (only 3 of them are from the CPOMB-fraction)

Btw: I looked at the replay which was the initiator of this discussion and I can understand, why you are frustrated, things didn't go well for you from the beginning and you got a lot of injuries. However, this is something which can happen to you in any matchup, if you want my suggestions: (1) Ask people in the forums to analyze the replay and to give you advice on how to handle such situations better, regarding general strategy and inducments (I don't consider myself a super-coach, so I will shut my mouth with giving advices). (2) take a small brake from blood bowl and come back in the next CCL-season, all teams will strat from new there and the far developed teams, won't be a problem anymore. (3) Make better suggestions to solve these issues like a rez-league, if more people are for it, maybe the developer will go for it. I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed by the way the rez-leagues were implemented, especially after I have seen people like VM repeatedly requesting the rez-part to be optional, to allow the combination of rez and spp-gain.

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@hotdogchef said in Max 12 or 13 losses in the Championship qualifier:

This max losses would in large part stop the coaches that just make kill stomp stacks to destroy rather than to try to qualify.

You already got enough arguments in the other thread, each of them completly disqualifying the suggestion. If I may add another one: Have you looked at the top teams in the ladder recently? The team on top is a killer-chaos-dwarf-team with 41 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses Official League&competition=Champion Ladder X&q=*team&t1=1736345
-> It is very possible to kill everthing and still win on the way
-> This is not the solution to the problem you are seeing

@hotdogchef said in Max 12 or 13 losses in the Championship qualifier:

Got an uncanny feeling you only support your own suggestions... at least its a consistent pattern if you look at all your posts and replies...

You should really ask/understand what the admins are doing and how much time they spent on this stuff without getting any money. I think if you know this, you wouldn't ask for such a thing.

Edit: This spam-protection is really annoying, if you want smaller changes to a post

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@necropotence said in How do you report someone?:

@Netheos hello, can you help with reporting this player? Thanks in advance

I know, that Netheos has a pretty impressive crown here in the forums, but that doesn't mean that you have to ask for an audience with his highness, I think you can just pm him and report the player instead of creating a thread/post every time you want to report something to him

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@necropotence said in How do you report someone?:

Second, how on earth can you disconnect for 5 minutes each turn?? This is going on as I type this and after 20 minutes we still have 5 more turns...another 25 minutes

There is only a finite amount of reconnect-attempts you can start. Iirc it is 5. Meaning: If someone disconnects the sixth time the game will automatically see that as a concede for the disconnecting player (the turn doesn't matter here). This was introduced to have a balance between possible disconnect-griefing and helping people with bad connections

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I don't know how this happened, I just joined a multiplayer game and was looking at the opposing team -> my inducement screen turned up, but I (almost) couldn't do anything on it:

I was only able to scroll through the possible inducments, but the "bloodweiser babe" kept being selcted (the blue frame was on it and the price was displayed). The buttons for buying inducements, looking at my/the opposing team or just the "ok"-button didn't work at all.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that I just let the time run out. After that, the match started normal

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@hotdogchef said in You have to love random this much??:

Dark elves just got 2 bonus turns vs me last game and won the game because of it.

It's the bonus turns (specially for fast teams) and Pitch invasions that are the worst kick off events. One of the main reasons I lose or draw games now. Just really annoying!

And what do you think abou the weather? It can be far more devastating for some teams than a pitch invasion.

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