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the same this night again 😞

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for the second time when i validate a day (the first one) on a competition i have a server messsage : UnhandledError.

After that everything goes wrong on the competition.

The first day was a lonely match, and the second day is an "Aller/Retour" matches.

The competition is a Wissen format with 12 teams : 4 real players and 8 IA.

We are deseperates 😞


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It seems that the all championnship it's not working fine anymore (the future days have no teams inside). May be the database has been corrupted (when i have validated the first day, i remember having an error message, but don't have the details, it was something around HANDLED...)

Hopes it helps.

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we have made some matches in our championship tonight, but all the matches are indicated as abandoned (day with 2 matches on a championship with IA).

Seems weird, because the matches were just fine.
We have also some $Team in the title and date_1 for the day the matches are played.

Any clues or a way to fix it ?


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all the matches we made this evening are marked as if we have abandoned it 😞
No gain and no best players.
(on line championship with IA with 2 matches for a day).

Any known issues ?

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