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I tried as suggested to increase the block size. The map is small at 16x16. Went to 20x20 and 24x24, both resulting in this error. Any thoughts from anyone?


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I'll try this when I get home. Thanks everyone

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Well, I'm building my first map, and go figure I built wayyyy to close to the edge of the map, rendering my one obstacle basically in the invisible wall. Is there a way to massive move many obstacles at once, or possibly extend the map size so the boundary isn't so close? It'd really suck to have to remake that whole section.

Beginners mistakkeeee

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I love maps that don't necessarily have full trail systems, but groups of rocks or obstacles just randomly placed to fit the scenery, and then the exploration brings you to stuff that you spend hours trying to do, not knowing if the map maker intended it to be a real line or just random filler rocks.

I think all maps could make better use of space by adding things like this.

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I have a very high end PC and it still crashes. The game is just not optimized all that well at all.

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Going live later @ 9:30PM EST with some beta testing! Feel free to join in and watch 🙂

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That moment when you know how the developers feel about mods that don't conform to how they want the game to be.

It was clearly intentional.

I get the mod not working. But to erase maps from the media folder is redicilous.

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Here is what I found searching the internet....

Will there be mod support on consoles?

The first goal of the team at Saber was to bring the Spintires experience to consoles in a new improved version. Releasing the best possible base game was the first priority. Now the goal is to fix the last remaining technical issues and bring some of the most requested features in the game (wheel support on consoles and working mirrors in cockpit view are on the list).

We hear your requests about mods on consoles and we understand them. They won't be available in the short run on PS4 and Xbox One. But we plan to support Spintires: MudRunner in the long run and we'll develop future updates with community feedback in mind.*

So when looking at exactly the words from Focus, they have never said they will support mods on console.

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This game ran 60 fps on my super old PC with only a gtx465. I can't fathom why people just don't get it for pc

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