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Yes, please include this, and PLEASE include multiple wheel sets as a standard part of the game. Modders are keeping this game alive, please stop making it hard for them to mod around your unusual game design choices, give us what we want and the community will stick with you, and purchase DLC in the future. The offroading/trailriding community isn't the least bit interested in ideas of why there should not be multiple wheelsets:

"Q1. Will there be more options to tune each set of wheels in a vehicle better?
A1. No, and that is one of the reasons why "change vehicle wheels" feature was removed in MudRunner. There is no real scenario in the current state of the game where you would need to change vehicle wheels during the game session. So if you want to have multiple sets of wheels, you should use "inheritance" XML feature (will be documented better with release of MudRunner), it makes it easy to customize any parameters you want for your spare set of wheels (a different vehicle)."

There is no reason or logic behind that. We just want our trucks to have options and look nice while driving.

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Thank you once again, Tattoo. The gearbox for regular ST was amazing, after a while, I couldn't live without it. Thanks for the hard work and effort, we appreciate it!!

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Sorry, as someone who's played Spintires since it was released, why exactly should us, its loyal players, shell out more money, even at 50% off, for another game with 'upgraded graphics' and more trucks? What EXACTLY are we getting? Because the amazing dev community did a great job of providing new trucks, maps, and graphical and quality of life upgrades. What can we get in this new game that we can't get with mods on the old one?

Not sold. Dev's, it is your job to explain why you are attempting to scam us on this product.