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How about a battleship with an even longer range than the Cairn...but fewer weapons? Usually one wants to get in close to Starpulse or lightning arc, but if you had a battleship which could stay at range and surgically crit and dismantle enemy ships whilst your other vessels got in close it could be worth it.

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@jellyfoosh said in Fatal Error on Start - Patch 3:

"-WinX=0 -WinY=0"

"-monitor=0" "-WinX=0 -WinY=0" in launch options worked!

Thank you! 🙂

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@jellyfoosh said in Fatal Error on Start - Patch 3:

Hi @Ashantai
Thanks for reporting this and including the logs. Are you by any chance using multiple screens? If so, please see if this fixes it:

  1. Go to the properties of BFG2 on Steam
  2. In the general tab, Set Launch option.
  3. Type in "-monitor=0"
  4. Launch the game again.
  5. Please let us know what happens! 🙂

Hi there, thanks for the reply!

I do use multiple monitors. I tried that launch option and running on a single screen (disconnected monitor from laptop) but no joy.

Logs for new crash attached.0_1553281473727_BFGA2

Hopefully that gives some insight into what's happening!

Edit: Additional troubleshooting undertaken:

  • Disabled Firewall and anti-virus.
  • Updated graphics drivers to latest level.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled game, removing all files from install folder and users directory.
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Happened to me yes, exactly the same story as me, except it happens when I start the game.

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Was playing perfectly happily last night. Patch 3 downloaded and installed this morning.

Now trying to start the game I get a fatal error.
0_1553240713273_BFGA2 Error 1.PNG
When I run the exe as admin directly I get this:
0_1553240892329_BFGA2 Error 2.PNG

Literally nothing has changed on the PC as far as drivers, software or config since yesterday.

Have verified integrity of files, to no effect.

Any ideas?

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My suggestion is to 'cheese' it. Put Spire in the smallest ship you can as his flagship and tuck him away in a gas cloud near your deployment zone.
Next, take all strike cruiser mk2s and a couple of hunters. Have 2 fleets of SMs for this purpose.

The intention is to board the ancient one until it dies. Nothing else matters, don't fire or attack the other ships, they infinite respawn. The Mk2 is my choice because they have boarding torpedoes. On the level I played this I had Spire on a cruiser, 5 strike cruiser mk2s and 2 hunters.

Rush the ancient one and unleash every boarding trick you have. Honour the chapter, boarding, boarding torpedoes, assault boats.

You need to kill ~160 crew on the Ancient One so just stack on boarding stack after boarding stack. Do not worry about anything else. You will suffer heavy losses, but you will win. I had more strike cruisers come in a second wave and they did the coup de grace with boarding torpedoes.

By this stage such losses are easily made up by the resources you have, and it's worth it not to have any more 'Nids invading you. Screenshot below of my results.

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know, Jelly! 🙂

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I think this is a fair request for campaign. It would obviously only apply to Imperial fleets, not Ad Mech or SM.

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That's very true! When construction spots for big ships are often limited this can be a hindrance if you need to rebuild.

I hope sincerely that we get the option to move ships around in the next update.

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