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@solaire said in Varied Deployment:

@ashardalon Trust me, you don't want mantas in bfga 1 with detection XD

very very true
one of the reasons bomber dodging worked like that and wasnt a bad idea
if you didnt have a carrier yourself it could screw you massively
but with bigger fleets it can become easier for every fleet to have some carriers

an example of ships not being detected would be the cain book with the frozen hive ship
they send out escorts to scout a possibly approaching nid fleet
nids, the fleet in 40k you can spot with the naked eye at the ridiculous ranges space battles happen at...
by the time they detected signs of the approaching nids they where moments away from being swarmed by nid assault ships, impossible to escape the approaching hive even with the speed of a imperial escort
nids arnt particularly fast
it makes sense that there is a detection difference between a hive ships and vanguard drones, there are ships in 40k that are pretty sneaky

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again warhammer inconsistency
lots of books they also come out a meteor field almost at boarding range
having big ships run silent without environmental help is a bit silly but except that detection was a good mechanic
and bombers should have a detection range because that was pretty silly, i did suggest that a few times during BFG1 beta
deliberate jamming rarely happens in lore, but getting sensors blasted of happened a lot more often

also deadfire torps would be such a hassle in rts

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ludicrous speed means detection is their defense, especially if they can still boost and stay stealth
emission dissipators will be a lot rarer then they where in BFG1

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@kadaeux problem is that TT doesnt have detection
detection would make 90% of that pointless
maybe a rock paper scissors at the start to give someone a slight deployment advantage based on pure luck but it will almost never have a effect because by the time detection is gotten it will mostly be countered
but if you can give a example that would work in BFG, not the TT, that would have a effect on games, i would love to hear
i might just not be creative enough to think of one

and yes, i dont play TT, there are no game stores in my country so nobody to play against, would be a pretty big waste of money

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honestly dont want more deployments then in BFG1 (except for special campaign missions)
if you are only allowed a triangle on one side instead of a square would block out split fleets or would just ad a minute of splitting your fleet at the start
surrounded deployment would mean nobody would use the other side because it would leave you open to both sides of your enemies broadsides so thats pointless
making it a circle? i dont see the point, it would just be a rounded of slightly smaller square, so same as triangles but less so

and making the maps themselves circular? not an expert but arnt things in computers easier to make square then circle?
so you would have a big square map with circular invisible walls
would make it a little harder to corner people i guess, is that worth the extra effort?

honestly dont see the point beyond a few cool story missions in campaign like the one where you defend the inquisitors ship

can you give a mission and deployment example that would actually have a point? including in pvp?

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eldar are hair metal
and its very unlikely they are going to have a simple rock paper scissors comparison
it isnt starcraft
BFG1 didnt have it
each fleet will be better at some things then others but you can make a scissor out of rock and if you squeeze hard enough on a ball of paper you can get it hard as rock

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@bellumvinco can you elaborate on random deployment type?
not sure what exactly you mean with that

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8 for 2v2 now
you do realize that 4v4 is just a dream that would leave you sad and searching for a match for days
2v2 barely worked, needing a lot of organizing to ever get a match

but i dont care as long as they have a "any" search function
get me in a match thats as big as possible, but just get me in a 1v1 match if thats all there is

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@canned_f3tus that would make controlling them even harder
good feature once we have a 3D mouse as standard, but trying to do eldar maneuvers with 2D input would be a mess relying fully on your enemies inability to control a ram in 3D space for survival
3D space is just not ready to be properly controlled yet, one of the best is homeworld (i think its called) but that has minimal maneuvers mostly just relying on you feeding the right units into the grinder

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