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macros are actually pretty bad in the game as hp is the least relevant stat

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@canned_f3tus said in Things im hopin will get fixed or start getting adressed this upcoming patch:

For example carriers. Improve them to a certain degree and now people can build around that. The meta changes and now players have to either know how to deal with it with the build they got by adopting tactics for those scenarios and clumping (like full macros or full lance) or bring a carrier of their own to mitigate ordnance damage until you can close the gap.

carriers are exactly the example of things working like i mentioned, with how ordnance works they are only really good in overwhelming numbers
if you make them good enough to have a use for only a few of them they will be unstoppable if you spam em
how do you make 10 bays good while not killing everything with 20
back in the days of "nid carrier op" corrosive clutch devourers could only use their 10 bays to herd, almost never kill
the shift in bays becoming usefull for killing things happened at 14 and after that it just became exponentially better with every bay above that
the way ordnance works there is not really a way to make 4 bays in a fleet useful for anything other then a speedbump compared to a ordnance swarm fleet

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thing is you would need to heavily penalize things
and then you would just end up with people winning all fights with ramming again

only reason you would really ever want to mix macros with lances would be if lances would be really really shit at popping voids
things like lances doing 1/8 damage to voids but have -70ap while armor goes to something like 70/85/99 so that macros are shit at hitting hull but great at popping voids
only if you do something as drastic like that would you really need both
only then would you need macros alongside crits
and even then you would need to rework crits as even the slightest bit of damage can kill a ship in a single hit thats lucky
and that rework would slow the game down so a sudden crit instakilling a ship would be even more drastic then they already are
and if you somehow succeed at finding the balance there, wtf do you do with torps, boarding, ramming
you would just need to start over and make a new game
the games basic mechanics are binary, so you focus on one so you have the greatest chance to get the yes instead of the no
and then you succeed
if you dont you dont

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also you ask what else needs a rework, recrewing and morale
admiral rally is far too powerfull, its good to be abel to get people out of mutiny as its also very owerfull
but a ship getting out of mutiny being at max morale is just dumb
getting a few hundred morale if your not fully broken or being at 100% fine if you are broken is a very big difference
just make it break you out of mutiny but at the +few hundred rally gave instead of at max

same for recrewing, it would be much better if recrewed ship didnt have max morale but % of donating ships morale of max morale

and recrewing more then 1 crew would be nice too

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@canned_f3tus yea 5 lance GC and a bunch of escorts
it can basically outbrawl nids at 4k
not in damage but in crits and then damage doesnt matter

archeron spam can do it too, tho you cant brawl with it so its less reliable in current meta as chaos isnt that fast

the thing about the game is specializing
if you half do a fleet, if you mix things you simply wont have the same result
heavy crit lances hitting you in the first volley can pretty much ruin any fleet one system 8 second at a time

and no its not the crit multiplier of battleships thats the problem
its the crit system, just like the boarding system as a whole thats the problem
its just on/off yes/no it does something or it does absolutely nothing kind of system making the entire thing a diceroll instead of a game of careful planning
if crew actually mattered instead of just being crits boarding would be better, if systems would degrade trough crits and battleships would have more phases in that degradation it would be much better instead of a single lucky roll just turning a ship off ,could add a cta like slow repair system alongside it
would make the game slower, but also much more about planning
wich it should be in my opinion

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@tr3iz said in Chaos:

@canned_f3tus said in Chaos:

change Hell Drakes to benifit Squadrons as a whole.

What do you mean by that? Doesn't it affect boarding craft? This should be changed immediately if so.
Demonic Infestation really needs scaling with ships.

no 0_1558078570552_20190517093446_1.jpg does not effect assaultboats
when a upgrade mentions boarding actions it only means boarding actions
when a upgrade refers to boarding, lightning strikes and assaultboats it calls it a assault action like for example

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you want lances buffed even more?
they are already insanely good

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🤔 wich 3 races dont need balance?

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tyrands cant upgrade systems, so this icon indicating if there are things to upgrade is wasted ui space
would be better used for an icon to indicate unconsumed systems