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@takt its a weird place to make his criticism known for the first time if he was talking about the beta
and i checked to be sure
so yes i think he came to Armada 2 Closed Alpha topic to tell how he played two hours in first part of game and "really wanted to like" but " just didn't interest"
its weird but i have seen weirder

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@takt pretty sure hes talking about BFG:A1 and necroing with randomness for some weird reason

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from dev blog 1
"Each of the 70 subfactions has a unique colour scheme, and some have their own skills or upgrades to select which represent their take on that fleet."

@fosil said in Loyalist & Traitor Space Marine Factions - What are we looking at?:

and it would be bad if you have to take a certain paint scheme to have a good build.

would make sense that a favor of a chaos god is only available to a fleet dedicated to that god

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"Hello! We've just received the approval 😃 preparing everything for the publication tomorrow end of the afternoon (Paris Time)"
from netheos

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the coming one is about the campaign
but because the campaign is lore they need confirmation from GW first
thats what they are waiting on now
its sent to GW so they will post it as soon as they are allowed
they hoped to post it Friday but GW was slow

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😑 this is pointless and frustrating
im just saying its pointless to give criticism about assumptions

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@lkhero said in Deep dive: Eldar mechanics:

First of all man, I can very well complain about the state of Pulsars because they have NOT been changed in the first game. You provided a bunch of examples of things that were changed from the first game, but over the course of how long? Many, if not all of those concerns were brought up in the very first closed event of the first game. I'm sure plenty of old beta testers can tell you that.

these things where not changed in the first game
these are things that have been changed in the second game because of feedback
and most of these things where impossible to do in the first game, how would you even control that many points in BFG1 its nice vs ai with the autocontrol doing most and spending most of the time getting nice screenshots but it wouldnt work for actually playing
just adding another campaign? it wouldnt be a good financial decision, so they instead focused on the second game where they could do these things
beta in BFG1 was mostly just tweaking numbers a little, thats why they want a longer inbetween time this time to make sure they can do more with feedback this time, another complaint they decided to address
sure you can complain about pulsars in the first game but you cant about the second because you dont know anything at all about pulsars in the second

@lkhero said in Deep dive: Eldar mechanics:

Tell me truthfully man, how much experience do you have with the first game and Tindalos as a developer? I can tell you straight up that all those concerns you said were addressed, I brought them up very early when I first played the game (minus the campaign) when it was in pre-order status and it took them months if not a year out to address. By that time, I have already completely lost faith in the developer's ability to make any changes. I originally started writing these out similar to threads like this, but eventually, I just blew my lid and was banned from the forums for talking to NDA testers about upcoming changes to the game. Part of the reason I gave up entirely was that the information that I got from them did not give me confidence on the future of the game (hint: it was not what you said was fixed above).

i was in the beta for 1 pretty early on giving feedback
i have aproximatly 1000 hours in the game and still play it and can win against everything but one build
i have had good conversations with some of the devs giving me lots of hope about the game
you are right about them abandoning the first game way too soon but i dont think they did it because of ill wil, pretty sure they ran into engine problems that couldnt be fixed easily
so they made a new game keeping all those complaints in the back of their mind while doing so
except for aircaste tau BFG1 is a great game that was pushing its limits, not much more could have been done to it
tho they really should have done something to aircaste

@lkhero said in Deep dive: Eldar mechanics:

So yes, pardon me if I feel like we're going down the same route, especially after months of silence (I seriously thought the game was canceled) and zero gameplay footage. What do you expect? I can only take my experiences from the first game and make the same observations. The difference in your example of my knowledge of Eldar and you of Tyranids is that we've seen Tindalos' vision of Eldar already in the first game. I can use historical context to gauge what's to be expected and rant while you cannot. If Pulsars were changed in the first game (after feedback), the large majority of this banter would not exist. You do see the difference right?

Youtube Video

there ya go, gameplay footage, tho its a journo playing so dont use it as balance reference, he is pretty bad

and here i am as someone who has actually seen the new pulsars telling you to not jump to conclusions
hold it until you have seen ANYTHING from eldar
and then rant, rant a lot if you think it necessary
eldar are one of the hardest to balance so keep that energy to give useful criticism that could improve the game instead of wasting it on nonsensical gibberish about a game you havent played in a year

from speaking to the devs they want to make this the most amazing 40k game ever
so help them do that by giving good useful criticism when you can instead of constant depressing rants for no reason

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there where complaints about point limit > was changed
there where complaints about only being imperial campaign > was changed
there where complaints about the leveling in pvp > was changed
there where complaints about the game being mostly skill spam > was changed
basicly every complaint made about bfg1 was considered in making bfg2
@lkhero said in Deep dive: Eldar mechanics:

Second, I can definitely relate how the Pulsars were designed in the first game to the second game and apply them to all 3 Eldar factions.

is not a good assumption considering the data available, considering eldar pulsars where complained about

you seem to know eldar pretty well, so its great to have you here ready to give criticism about them as soon as the beta releases just like i will do with tyranids (ps tyranids do have licking weapons in lore tho those never existed in the TT 😞 )
there are many people who see the beta as just a way to play the game faster
so the more people to give actual criticism and write it out the better

but you cant really criticize something you know nothing about and the refund treat is silly
if the game sells well they will make a eldar campaign and you will have to re buy it anyway so its an empty treat
so hold back and conserve your energy for just a little while so you dont exhaust your ranting muscles before the rants actually start
it will make your criticism better constructed and more relevant once it matters

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@lkhero we are talking about BFG1 eldar pulsars now
they didnt do a complete weapon rework months after release because you complained
thats not trolling
so making assumptions about how this will relate to how dark eldar will work in BFG2 is kindof unfounded
well... not kindof, completely unfounded
can people please stop having tantrums about things they have no data on
pretty please?

also, didnt holofields in BFG1 kindof already worked more like kinetic shrouds then holofields
i remember complaints about that for some reason

but make sure you make your possible criticism clear during the first beta now
they have planned a longish inbetween time precisely for implementing possible larger changes if they are necessary
tho dont make assumptions on its necessity before you actually have seen a pulsar fire in BFG2

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@lkhero sorry got confused
yea they are still activated skills with a cooldown
but they are no longer insta kill weapons like they where for a while
eldar mostly rely on ordnance and skills
pulsars are a great weapon to strip a ship of voids once its caught in a stasis field opening it up to other skills like psy storm, not so great for just clicking a button and winning the match
also has decent crit rate for further disabling a weakened foe if you are using disruption bombs alongside the stasis

they didnt completely rework the weapons, just tweaked the numbers to turn them from a match winning weapon into a tool to open up a enemy
their hull damage is not their purpose
eldar in BFG1 is 90% skill use
stasis bombs, disruption bombs, psychic storms, augur disruption alongside bombers
i have seen some masterful use of torps, and eldar torps are really scary and could achieve a dps kind of eldar but even they are better as a way to complement skill use, but those tend to go more the augur disruption route then psy storm build

generally pulsars are less relevant than back when they where death beams, but their mechanics and use havnt changed much
just the purpose
sorry for the confusion

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