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@whitehawke asking devs
while you can achieve a lot with personal testing its sometimes still useful to get confirmation from people who have/made the code
was asking to bring back the dodge bonus from bfg1 asteroids gave as it was a cool tradeoff, but they said it was already in the game

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@whitehawke yes its not mentioned in the tooltip, but it does work like that in game
if it had a tooltip i wouldnt be as unsure about the penalty being 20%

@Ezycompany101 that would be a cool mechanic

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they already do
in asteroids enemy macros have -20% accuracy when shooting you
atleast think its -20% its some number close to that atleast

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drool cannon has a max of 5 instead of 4
as the first is instant
but its really hard to pull off applying all of them and makes your synapse really vulnerable vs enemy rams as nids are some of the worst factions against ramming

venom shard is pretty great as impalers hulk a lot of ships already and atleast take out engines
so the bomb is a great way to kill of recrewed ships without having to waste one of the limited teleport or impaler charges

plasma bomb is also better then you might think as its full ap damage
great vs necrons if they jump in, cairns will suffer

also, disruption bomb vs nids makes it amazing
nids dont have guns so disruption bombing yourself doesnt matter
but disruption bombing nids takes off most of their damage and all their turrets too
and as jaw nids need to use rush to attack they literally hav no way to escape a self focused disruption bomb

funny thing about spore cloud with pressure spines, especially vs carriers
it has ID range but no scanner range, so you can hide from spore cloud detection inside the spore cloud

biomorph wrecking ball also doesnt ignore armor

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sorry if my english is bad
i meant the 200 hp loss causes a minor crit aka fire, turret destroyed, collateral damage and in exceptional cases full damage
and they can be caused if there are other things to crit
its a chance with every crit roll to get a minor crit
i only call them minor crits because system crits are so more game changing, kannon full damage crits doing their full 144 damage do seem like more then a minor thing but its nothing compared to losing your engines

as a nid main i have looked at crits a lot trying to make pyroacid work, as pyroacid only causes a extra fire on full damage and collateral damage, not on turret destroyed, fire and system crits
maybe you just got lucky

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it does full damage, including ignoring braced
it does not add the full damage, it just ignores all damage reduction
as its a type of minor crit it can also be triggered if you do 200 hull damage for example making the tyranid wrecking ball do its full 400 damage

fires, collateral damage(crew damage), turret destroyed and full damage are minor crits, you can do minor crits with weapons even if there are systems to crit

weapons have a 1in4 chance to get insta red critted
this only counts for weapons tho

everything can be critted from the side
engines, generators and deck from the back
deck and possibly generator from the front
turreted weapons can be critted from everywhere

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the 0 crew damage above the cairn is from the stations assault boats

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the domination area toggle in the filters doesnt seem to work

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