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During the alpha test, I couldn't find even one game probably because the game doesn't support my internet environment(Which is a university net-work in my dorm, which require login-in in daily base). I don't have such problem in most modern games, includes insurgency 1. I wonder if you guys fixed that yet...I really love the game, but if I can't play it where I live, I clearly won't pre-order it...

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@hawkxvoodoox Thx, I noticed that too, they must have reset the server or sth.

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After a disconnection during a match, the main menu of the game is bugged for me. Even if I restart, re-install the game, when i get in, the matchmaking button is gray out with text "Cancel-match found!"...So clearly somehow the game/server locked me in this states although it's not really looking for a match and doesn't allow me to look for one..Hope you guys can address this issue ASAP ...

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The weapon models is great compare to all the other competitors in this genre, but I think the animations still needs some improvement.

Reload for pistol/smg/AR: The game allow you to reload twice for one more extra bullet in the chamber, which is good. However, the reload animations are the same for both empty gun and loaded gun. Doesn't matter if there is still a round in the chamber, the character will pull the bolt/slide after exchange the magazine and you won't eject the round either...

Reload for shotgun: Currently the animation for pump shotgun is broken as the shell kind "fly" into the gun when you reload. Beside fixing that, It will be great if you implement the tactical reload for pump shotgun, which is to put the first shell directly into the chamber. It's nothing new in today's fps anyway, you find this in Rainbow six, battlefield, indie games like insurgency and escape from tarkov etc. These are the simple details, alone, they make people want to play the game(Especially the Tarkov, that game has so many problems and the game-mode/user unfriendly system is definitely not for everyone, but for great job they did in weapon details, i bought the game, i bet many others too)

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I like the game. But i can't wait to play with my firend who doesn't have the beta key. Since you gonna delayed the release and extend the beta, I think it a good idea to let people pre-order the game and get beta key with it :p

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@razor98 Well, BR game die fast. I'd say you either leave it or buy it now, otherwise the game probably won't make to the full release...Noone wanna wait 30m for a match anyway...

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  1. Dead still play a part: In one match, while in specter mode, the game says only 2 guys left, but if you look one of them, he is died and lying on the ground. In the end the other guy won by extraction at least...

  2. You won the extraction but I won the game: Had one match in squad mode. in the end 2 squads left, one of my teammate was extracting while the rest of the team including me trying to cover him on the ground. He got to the top without problem. The game is over, but the name on the winning screen wasn't from our team...Actually I saw this bug last week in solo mode as well, 2 men left, the one I was watching made to the top successfully, yet the other guy won the match...

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@barbarrossa said in This game is terrible.:

@monsterteegs said in This game is terrible.:

You realize it's in beta right? This is exactly why they do this, so they can find the issues and fix them, thus making it worth the money.

Well, this game atm isnt beta. Its hardly finished aplha tho. I love this game, its sick and Iam huge fan of this project... but not yet. Not at all.

Sure, alpha/beta stadium of the game should show bugs, problem and other issues but it too too early to put this game on Steam. Even as Early Access game.

IMHO beta testing should last few weeks longer. ☺

Of course this is a beta, it's a "closed beta" actually although it's not that "closed" since you can find video and stream all over the place, which turns out not necessarily a good thing. People draw conclusion way too fast. Don't forget this is a 100 player scale BR game, and tons of the problem are linked with server stress. But how you gonna fix that without letting people flood into server...So, there is nothing wrong with the current build being a beta...

As for the early access. Well, I'd say even the current build still performs way better than PUBG when it charge me 30 euro at the beginning. If you have any opinion on people selling unfinished game, remember, you are against the concept of "Early Access" not the game itself...