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Awesome. What I would like to know is the name of the songs and soundtracks we keep hearing in the trailers because they are amazing.

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@jellyfoosh Thanks for the reply and the quick fix 😃

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I think Bastions colors are good (the ship colors) they look very "ultramarinish". Which makes sense given who is the Lord Regent of the Imperium nowadays.

As I mentioned, Battlefleet Koronus ships have red prows. The Bastion Fleets are kind of like an amalgamation of different sector battlefleets into a unique body to patrol the surrounding area of the Eye of Terror.

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Hey, lots of thanks for this fan kit, I really love every bit of it.

That being said, I found 3 small problems:

  • Screenshot_Imperium_2.jpg has a pause symbol on the upper right side (it bugs me out a bit when it shows up in my desktop)
  • IMP_Solar.png faction logo is considerably smaller than the others
  • Many subfaction logos are missing, like most of the Space Marine ones 😞

Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed knowing about this fan kit! Good work!

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I played a match vs AI and it was against the Tau Protector Fleet. During the match I found this...


It seems the game considered the Demiurg ship as the admiral ship. They also had another battleship (tau oresthingymajig).

Tau fleet creation rules require a Tau ship to be the Admiral Ship, but the AI ignored it.

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Before the beta closed I did notice some inconsitencies on the icons for Battlefleet Bastion and Battlefleet Kornus. And I believe the icons for the subfaction need to be swapped for one another since I think that would make players confused about the contrast between the displayed icons and the color of the ships. The reasons are the following:

  • Bastion has a Red and white icon. But their ships are blue.
  • Koronus a Blue and white icon. But their ships are red.

IMPORTANT: I am not asking to change the color of the ships, but to change the color of the icons in the subfaction menu. Battlefleet Koronus ships are PERFECT as they are (with red prows) as seen here.

alt text

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@nemesor-xanxas on the lower left area of the screen you can see the ship name, click on the button with the arrow pointing up, that will spread a sheet with all the stats of the ship, also on the right area of the "maneuver" menu (next to the full ahead button) you can see the current situation of the ship on the fly

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@nemesor-xanxas There is, you have to go to your friend list in steam and invite them to the game. However you cannot play ranked 1v1, you can only play skirmish 1v1 when you are with a friend (or Ranked 2v2, or Skirmish 2v2 vs the AI)

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I am not saying it is not possible, but I launched from 3 different ships. Didnt even see a glimpse or a small explosion from an exploded torpedo

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When playing as Space Marines (Space Wolves) on a 2v2 Ranked match I tried to deploy my plasma bomb skill. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it did not deploy the bomb. However, the skill still went into cooldown despite no bomb being deployed after clicking on the battlefield.

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During a 2v2 Ranked match I noticed the capture points to be missing from the minimap, and thus unable to properly keep track of them during the match.

Notice how there is a capture point on the top right of the battlefield, yet it does not show in the map.

0_1544457154347_minimap bug.png

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I was playing as a Space Marine (Space Wolves subfaction) and fired my boarding torpedoes, yet it seems they failed to launch at all, nevertheless the skill went into cooldown.

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@sahneyoghurt I have been matched as a bronze player against players of much higher rank, also, players with higher levels (and thus, access to unlocked abilities)

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@imptastic Still, even if it worked. How can I invite my friends to play 2vs2 against the AI if I am Offline?

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I agree with this post. I think Skirmish should award XP and unlocks.

Also for those saying "Play offline", that is not an option. The game won't go into offline mode even if you tell Steam to go offline, for some reason. The only reason people was in "offline mode" at the start of the beta was because the game servers went down.

My guess is that if you completely shut down the internet in your computer that might do the trick (I tried to block the game from the Windows Firewall, that didn't work either). But what if you want to play 2v2 with a friend against the AI? You can't go offline and invite friends at the same time.

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Does anyone know how to go into "offline mode"?

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Now keep in mind people that an upgrade/skill for a subfaction is not something that is automatically added to all ships in the entire fleet. But rather an upgrade that is just made available for that particular subfaction and has to be picked up like any other. If you pick it up you are leaving other upgrades/skills that are available to the rest of the faction.

Just because a sub faction has (for example) better boarders doesnt mean they are automatically superior to the others and thus the "vanilla" ones are not going to be played. After all if that were the case Chaos would only have the 4 main chaos god fleets and not a single vanilla one.

Keep also in mind that some upgrades/skills only affect certain types of ships or the flagship. Not all of them are fleet wide as some people think. So that coudl bring some balance. Like the Imperial Fists, maybe their flagship can get an upgrade that makes it tough, but then that makes you unable to get another upgrade that maybe made your fleet better in other ways.

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@brohanbroski Are you sure? In all instances I find it is said it is Fulgrim and Jaghatai talking

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-I was playing as a Necron with 2 Cairn battleships.
-I went against Tyranids. Soon after my initial attack one my battleships became a drifting hulk and I scuttled it.
-Soon after my flagship also became a drifting hulk, but the "Scuttle" option was not available.
-I was able to board the flagship with some troops and reactivate it. But soon after it became a drifting hulk again. However, this time I was able to scuttle it.

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Hello there, I've been trying to see all the subfactions and their uniqueness for almost all races. While some factions have many (like Chaos), other factions merely have different colored sub factions without even a unique one to show a slight difference with the others.

I can understand balance is very important for this game. And that balancing 12 factions and all their subfactions is a monumental task. I just wanted to throw a few ideas that go with the lore of the subfactions that seem to be no different than any of the more "vanilla" subfactions.

IMPERIAL NAVY: This faction seems to be rather standard among its subfactions. The only difference between them is the area of space they hail from and maybe the types of enemies they fought. I don't see that much uniqueness between the subfactions to warrant such an upgrade.

ADEPTUS ASTARTES: This faction, unlike the Imperial Navy does have subfactions that are completely different if not directly opposed to their core philosophy and approach to combat, pretty much like their chaos counterparts. Here are a few ideas for unique upgrades:

  • Blood Angels: Death company. Maybe their boarding actions deal more troop damage?
  • Imperial Fists: Known to reinforce everything. They seem to like to apply that to their ships. Maybe extra hull or armor for ships?
  • Raven Guard: These guys like stealthy tactics, perhaps they could start stealthed, or have the ability to apply silent running to some ships that shouldnt?
  • Salamanders: Fire! Lots of Fire! Boarding Actions could cause fire criticals like the "Shards of Nyadra'zatha" from the necrons. Improved Melta Torpedoes?
  • White Scars: Speed! Here is a little quote from one of the novels.
    "I heard from a contact on Mars, Jaghatai, that you do strange things to your ships."
    The Khan shot him a heavy-lidded stare. "I heard that you do strange things to your warriors."
    -Jaghatai giving Fulgrim a burn of a 1,000 suns-

ADEPTUS MECHANICUS: The closest faction to the Imperial Navy, lore wise they load in their ships the best of their technology. Most Forge Worlds are similar, but some are rarities that make them stand aside from the most vanilla ones and it is likely their ships show it.

  • Ryza: Masters of Plasma. Be it weapons or reactors. Maybe an improved plasma bomb or enhanced Plasma drives that allow for faster ships or maneuverability?
  • Stygies VIII: Known for being shady. They always deploy their troops "beneath stealth screen projectors and target-befouling apparatus". They also love xenotech research, in particular that of the aeldari.

NECRONS: Most Necron Dynasties are no different than one another at least when it comes to troops and the like. With one exception.

  • Thokt: Known for being infused with the radiation found in the region of space their Tomb Worlds are located. I think they should have some kind of damage shield around their ships they can deploy for a short time. Maybe deal shield damage then troop damage as people are afflicted by radiation rather than have it damage the hull?

Also it would be awesome if the Necron beams could match the color of their ship lights.

As for the rest of the factions I have to say I don't know them that well as to make suggestions. If any player knows more or has any idea don't be afraid to post.

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