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Beatus qui legit et qui audiunt verba prophetiae et servant ea quae in ea scripta sunt
Tempus enim prope es

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Now that the 3 musketeers are here lined up let me join in to the "dis-curse-on"

So now that we have a actual release date I would like you to review all your previous posts while looking at this little animation of how wonderful it is sometimes to be a forum admin.
Once I had 52,000 people active on mine.

Now that you always were so sure about what you were saying [3 musketeers] let me remind you of the viewpoint of biology on this "discussion" level that went onward for months
Youtube Video

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@kroyer said in Response from Streum On Studio on Facebook:

Yea they posted on Twitter, we should be following the dev not Focus Home.

Well claiming that Melanie T. is part of the inner circle is kinda "far" but then you would not know if she truly was a fallen or alpha would you?
Emperor protects and in the end the part of the servant is to die for the Emperor or die trying.

Lovingly yours to be elevated
-CattleBrother Infactus of the Golden Flail.
"Make Ecclesiarchy Great Again"
Greatest fan of the Rioku fanclub President, CEO

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oh look, everything went exactly is I thought in the first place.

Then there's the absolutely massive disinformation campaign by few users pretty much feeding each other assumptions and twisted word truths filled with vile emotion while lacking pretty much facts, structure and clarity.
Somehow I see it now if the content here where to be matched by some presidential tweeting the factfactor ( 😃 ) % will hit similar numbers. Content by users that is.

CEO & President extraordinare of the Greatest Rioku fanclub,

My inner circle contacts have confirmed that when these individuals come online so does Steve Bannon log on to his computer.
"This is so" -Melanie.

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wtg battlebrother Bjorn. Would give u a high 5 but you have only 2.5. 🙂

pls send pictures of your date with netheos. Remember the flowers. ^^
(guessing a part of the forum "regulars" would recommend white lilies?) :p

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Burn the Heretic
Kill the Mutant
Purge the Unclean
Let none Survive

Anybody actually know who the hell is none? For 5,000 years I have searched the far reaches of the Empire for this mystical None dude.
This is a one boring ass job. Fake dudes really piss me off sometimes.

CattleBrother Infactus
UltraLemmings of the Golden Flail
6th Scouts

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Focus is not developing this game so I will buy their games as I see fit.
Usually it required a "special" individual or snowflake to blame printer for the quality of content on the paper.

But then you 4 are special.. how manyeth threads of similar kind there is in the archives already?
one of 4 goes the usual blah blah facts and cries about the same lines as usual only to see within few hours the 3 toonies jumping online to support the cause of their "special" battlebrothers.

Do you guys have a same jackets too?
haircuts? beards?

-Your biggest fanclub, President, CEO

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*They laugh at us
*We -are- nothing to them
*You stay silent,
*To let them see the many threads created with ?silence and more silence?
-Assumption: ..."treated with silence"...

*You did this.

Fact: EU directive 8452/21D FR768/54B and GB6389§67/1 C2 dictate:
French year is defined by greco-romanian calendar and thus time is related but not similar to the quantitative time with rest of the world.

to be short: French year is 18.7 British months.

-yours to be elevated
-Astaroth the greatest rioku fanclub, President, CEO

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Did somebody say something?

I cannot hear.

-Astaroth the Unforgiver

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@rioku said in This is killing the fanbase:

They said the EE was going to be at the end of DECEMBER.
A possible estimated release date was given end of 2017 what was then discarded after the beta ended in 3rd of December.

Ok, the word "promise" is not there, but then, their "word" doesn´t have ANY VALUE.
If you said promise I would not believe it since in my opinion understanding basic english is not your strong suit.

So hard it´s to spend a day writting a Communication? You need the whole month to do that?
Repeating a date that might or might not be the release date since bugs need to be fixed before release or Ubisoft it.
Clearly marketing is not your strong suit either.

Not telling a yelling you is not shameful it is logical.

More than one year to finish a game we already paid
It was not released and it is still in beta and was put on sale as alpha. Read the notification in steam before purchase next time.
They did release that game will be developed for a year more after the dec 2016 and so it is and more is coming.

And what is worst, in all this year and so, they give us low low info.
You want a deadline (when it's ready) or more nice videos or trailers? Maybe a lollipop would do fine too?

You can´t defend what is undefendible, when you do that you become a fanboy.
Ignorance has high visibility.

We are not talking of a delay of 3-6 months... More than one year and no communication.
What delay? Maybe read what you are buying next time would help? Maybe a lollipop too?

23 January and increasing
No bug are decreasing and so is the time for the release.

Can't you get 1 fact right?
I would not be surprised if in USA some companies would press charges vs fake facts and fake news like this damaging their product
Not that many things from USA would surprise Europeans at this stage. They went full retard. Never go full retard.

Can the melee weapons in certain users be changed to this? alt text

"Lions do not listen to the lamentations of the lambs"