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It's a known bug "A player intercepting a bomb isn't able to use Hail Mary Pass." 😞


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Netheos will post next week the details of the process to assign tickets (discussion with him this afternoon on the LFBB Discord server).

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Sorry, I read "Known bugs" list after post and this one is already known : "Right Stuff - A coach doesn't suffer a turnover if he/she throws a player caring the ball on an opponent player." 😞

Would it be fixed in a next BB2:LE update ?

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In our private league (LFBB : Ligue Française de Blood Bowl), we organize every 2 months a tournament in Swiss / Wissen format.

We detect some issues with matchups : in Swiss format, matchups must be done between teams with the closest rankings. But sometimes, it's not the case.

For exemple, see the ranking in our tournament "Grand Prix de l'Empire" for round 3 (2017/12/18 -> 2018/01//01 for matchs)

Round 3 Ranking

We had :

  • 6 coachs with 6 points => 3 matchups : OK
  • 1 coach (Lindrole) with 4 points and 9 coachs with 3 points (including coachs Vynyarian and JekkyBattery) => 5 matchups NOK
  • 1 coach with 2 points (Tidou), 5 coachs with 1 point (including coach Trainer) => 3 matchups NOK
  • 4 coachs with 0 point => 2 matchups : OK

Coach Trainer had met coach Tidou in round 2 so he should have match mandatory with a coach with 1 point. But his matchup is against coach Vynyarian (3 points). And coach Tidou had to match with another coach with 1 point. Here he matched with JekkuBattery (3 points).

To complete, Cyanide guy's could you explain in detail the algorithm used to determine matchups during round in Swiss/Wissen format ? In other rounds/tournaments, we had also seen "strange" matchups. We have some questions about the criteria used.

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Match COL / Champion Ladder XIII 2018-03-09 between "[FRA]pper d'abord !" (Orc / coach Grd Fab) and " Set Chainsaws to Fun" (Goblin / coach Juhanian)

Turn 8, a Goblin with Ball is thrown by a Troll. His landing (on an Orc :D) is a Fail, no Injury and he drops the ball. No Turnover, after that he can pick-up the ball... and scores with a GFI. 😞

It's a Bug : he failed his landing roll with the Ball => Turnover. It's the only case of a Right-Stuff guy's landing fail must be a Turnover (LRB6 page 47 "Right Stuff skill" : ". A failed landing roll or landing in the crowd does not cause a turnover, unless he was holding the ball."

Twitch clip :

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yes I still have the replay file for this match on my computer (format BBRZ).

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Guillaume, tu veux que je t'envoie par mail le fichier replay du match au format BBRZ ?

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Hello Focus/Cyanide guys,

no news for this bug report ?

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Match 24/01/2018 between "Les Fous Bobs Barjots" and "Dame de Coeur" in competition "Coupe des Vices 2 - R6 Table 6"

I have a Gobelin Bombardier with Hail Mary Pass skill. With it, a pass (to throw a bomb) cannot be intercepted (LRB6 page 45 : "The Hail Mary pass may not be intercepted").

On turn 10, my Gob bombardier threw a bomb with Hail Mary Pass but an opponent (Bretonian Blitzer "Sire Acis") on the path intercepted it (6+ roll success !) => bug

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Bugs with Gob Bombardier known on PC and fixed by Cyanide devs weeks ago. But we are still waiting a patch for it...


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Good news if these bugs are fixed. Happy if my reports and replays could help

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Ce serait sympa si on pouvait avoir un patch correctif rapidement. La "Coupe des Vices", la plus grosse compet online française commence la semaine prochaine réunissant des équipes de 5 coachs de la plupart des ligues (LFBB, JOL, CPC, BBBL, FrancoBowl...)

Au total plus de 100 teams de BB2 dont au moins 5 gobelins avec chacune un Bombardier dans leur rang (format spécifique pour le tournoi avec équipes personnalisées).

Merci par avance.

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