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I am never going to play multiplayer, especially not a ranked system. I know I'm not that good, I would not enjoy it and it would simply be a grind. Locking the skills away behind a multi-player only barrier actually harms the game.

I can understand why they did it; it is to force people to play multi-player. One of the constant complaints of the previous title was the long queues, especially during late hours.

However, trying to force people into playing the game in a way they do not want to, in this case competitive multiplayer, should never be the solution.

I tried to argue this during the previous beta. I am still strongly against no XP for vs AI. This aspect of the game needs to change, there needs to be XP for skirmish vs AI as well.

Whether they chose to separate the XP, or simply give vs AI a smaller XP payout, or an even one, no matter their solution, XP unlocks for vs AI should and must be implemented.

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Just don't reconnect to the internet after loading the game. It will reconnect once you've played a single game. It might even reconnect if you go back and forth between menus.

As it is, it forces people to play PvP if they want to unlock anything permanently. It forces players to play the game in ways they do not want to.

I really like many of the aspects of BFG:A2, like the new races, and the battle mode, but I despise this bit of it.

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For me this is game breaking. I really do not want to play PvP, but if I don't I cannot unlock skills and modifications.

It seems this is intended, as there is no separation of PvE/PvP setup. They are treated exactly the same except for the experience gain. So if one wants to enjoy vs AI fully, one has to play PvP.

I can only hope Amerial is right, that this is temporary for the beta, and that they do implement experience gain for PvE as well, but I have my doubts.

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I know that actually; but having to disconnect with the internet to fully enjoy all the abilities isn't positive. All the abilities should be unlockable whether or not you play PvP or PvE.

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Not so sure this is unique to the Beta, since Skirmish vs AI, and PvP fleet setup share the same setup and ability-customization screen, and the entire difference is whether you pick vsAI or Ranked. If these had separate screens, then yeah, perhaps. As it is? I am almost certain this is an intended future, to "solve" the lack of PvP.

If this is the case..
What it actually does is reduce game replayability and longevity, by forcing players to do something they don't like. The simplification of customization may also reduce replayablity. In BFG:A I not only leveled up admirals for every race, but several admirals with different fleets. I poured hundreds of hours into that game.

If this game locks stuff like this I doubt I will enjoy it for as long or as much. I am probably not alone, some players will probably be disappointed.

Its not all bad; I very much liked the new races! Necrons might actually be a bit squishy, but its fun. I like the larger fleets and I enjoy the larger maps and the new game mode. I am glad I don't have to do any more intelligence snatches or assassinations. I might be missing convoy raids and star base assaults, but that's OK.

But enforcing PvP to unlock skills and talents for your fleet? That really leaves a bad taste.

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I noticed that the admirals have a lot of their skills locked and you need to level up to unlock them. Doing Skirmish vs AI does not grant xp, unlike in the original BFG:A where you could level skirmish admirals. Leveling up your level to unlock skills, shouldn't that also be available through skirmish?

Are you seriously enforcing PvP to unlock admiral skills? That is going to alienate a lot of players like me that prefer PvE over PvP. I know PvP lacked players in the original, but forcing players to play PvP for unlocks is not the way to go.

(Leveling up Skirmishing admirals and creating unique fleets for them were one of my favorite things in BFG:A, sad that is gone. It gave the game a soul. I really miss naming my ships and customizing them. Must say this feels simplified...)

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It is indeed getting to the point one might raise questions or wonder about the future developments of this game. We have had assurances that something is being worked on, but the overall secrecy, and lack of interaction and communication doesn't do much to allay concerns.

The game has potential for future developments, but even without major additions it is a great game. It would be sad however if it ends here, as there are so much more within the universe that could be added, and certain aspects of the game that could be tweaked.

New content would be very welcome, be it another race, another mission type for more variation or even just the addition of more fleet variations or new abilities and upgrade functionalities.