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Insurgency SandStorm has many changes to its gameplay and mechanics and I love alot of them. The main issue that I have with the game are the maps in it. For example the level Hideout starts off alot of fun, I like starting on the bridge side because you have 3 clear routes to go down, middle over the bridge, and going through the right and left. I love how the map starts off and part of me wishes that it stayed like that throughout. When you get deeper in the lanes do become blurred and it is harder to try and bottleneck the enemy and predict where they are coming from. Summit is pretty nice with that actually, it has the lanes pretty much throughout but they are much bigger than market for example in the original game. it had 3 lanes, mid left and right side and that was a fun map with not too much going on and it made you move slow and watch every corner of every building you enter. For SandStorm tho I feel like the gameplay is sped up alot and it is harder to camp in 1 spot for the game and rack up kills, on the other hand you do see players running around the map on the original game scoring an insane amount of kills.

One of my favorite FPS games from when I was younger was medal of honor, I didnt play the multiplayer on the original ones all that much but I did play the multiplayer in MOH (2010) I noticed that they have a similar game mode to push called combat mission and I think the match sizes are 10v10? Dont quote me on that one but the levels are around the same size as INS:2. (The INS game before sandstorm that was made in source)
There is some gameplay of MOH 2010 ^^

How would you guys think having a more linear straight forward map effect the gameplay of SandStorm?
The thing I want to see in sandstorm is a more uniform linear map like they had in the original and see how that will effect gameplay. I know SpoonFed is working on porting some maps over to UE4 and I think he has 3 maps nearly done so far so im really looking forward to how that will work in sandstorm! (I dont have his channel on hand, if I find it again ill edit it in) But that is what I think of the maps, what do you guys think?

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I actually came to the forums to make this exact post! From what i've found so far is that the maps are much bigger than the originals and spread out alot more to have a bigger battlefield. I do see why they did it and what play-style they are pushing for with the new game but im not jiving with it like I thought I would when I first bought the game at an EXTREMELY generous price.

*edit, I just read your comment a bit more and you were referring to the literal map, the one for navigation around the play area, I wrote a lengthy post on why I feel like the play ares are hard to navigate. Had to delete it since it wont fit here, guess I should make a new thread then 😃

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While I was playing today the backspace for the global chat could only backspace 3 characters. And an issue that has been here since the first update of September was the right mouse didnt go back 1 character in spectating but the left mouse is the only working one 😃