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the previous UI was better yes.
I still haven't found where to show the area of asteroid fields and nebula..

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It seems to me,
that currently some factions have a bigger advantage from having hangars and/or torpedoes than others: they get more shots.

Imperial Navy:
Has two torpedo types: regular, and 'fire' melta torps.
Orks have regular, and boarding.

But: after having launched all 'regulars', and no more seem to be available..
it seems to me like I can still shoot torps of the second type. (.. is this intentional?).

Effectively giving certain factions twice the number of torpedo ordnance.

Balancing suggestion:
if the faction with 2 torpedo types, gets 3 launches of each,
then give the faction(/ships) with only a single type, an extra.
If 2 torp types gives 4 launches of each (suggested balance level), give the 'single torp' faction, 6 launches.
instead of only having 1/2 the torp number, you get 2/3.

same with hangar counts :
I think you get a fixed number of fighters, bombers, and assault squadrons, divided. In short: if you run out of bombers, but also have assault boats, you can swap. if not, though.
So, similar approach.
Having bombers & fighters= you're at 2/3rd hangar capacity.
increase it to 3/4th.
Assuming 4 launches of each if you have all three types-> 12 total.
12 x 3/4= 9. Probably an extra bomber squadron.

Ork Roks:
I really don't know how to properly counter these, with a Macro + Lance chaos fleet.
Honestly: I would suggest lowering the armor of all Ork Roks; from 83 to 67.
This is asteroid rock surface essentially. Macro cannons should do tons of damage to it.

Necron starpulse: should not auto-destroy torps & assault squadrons, AND deal massive damage; make it work like a volley of turret fire or something.
the +100% dmg upgrade should be limited to flagship only at least also.

without massive boarding, can feel weak.
With boarding, they don't always kill; just.. neutralize ship.

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Played BFGA 1; now am in BFGA2 beta.

Some feedback:

  • the Eldar craftworld faction is unfinished at best, and sloppy at worst.
    'lascannon artillery'? Really?
    Give this at the very least a different, Eldar name.
    (and when I see Lascannon, I'd expect a Lance weapon, btw)

The shadowhunter frigate, gets a 'Shadowlance' weapon.
Which is a basic lance shot. Okay.
No other Eldar craftworld ship gets such a weapon?

The Craftworld eldar have a single Battle cruiser option, zero battleship, or GC options.

You open Mechanicus fleet, and I see a shitton of frigates to select. Beyond that, standard cruiser selection, a Battleship, and zero Battlecruisers or Grand Cruisers.

Selecting Death Guard, Emperors Children,.. 'the god factions', shows you'll get some additional skills & upgrades you can pick.
In terms of balancing, having an extra option > not having the option;
and opponent won't know whether you went 'vanilla' or brought the subfaction-specific skill.
So I think proper balance would be to have at least the same amount of skills & upgrades available for all. Just a unique choice option for certain subfactions.

There seems to be no max fleet caps on anything;
I can bring 4 battleships with tau e.g.

The UI is shit.

  1. The first game, you to some extent saw your fleet/ship in harbor. This is now removed, and is not as fun.
  2. by default, my ships got deployed inside an asteroid field. I didn't even realize because the edges of such fields are not shown (by default.. ).
  3. At the very least, add a total DPS value, for the macrocannons, lances etc, instead of only '3 attacks, 20 dmg, 15 sec reload'.
  4. there is no in-game ship 'wiki', where you can read up all the different ship stats, faction abilities etc. It's all hidden inside the battle screen, and there you cannot see all skills and upgrades, until you play the faction to rank 10.

There may be something wrong with Tau merchant fleet:
I got 4 Battleships, a light cruiser; each with a listed, single Gravitic Hook (one Orca ship).
I ended up with 14 Orca ships?

  1. you get your ships into some sort of formation, select a bunch, click go here, and.. they all spread out into a single line.

  2. just like last game, small written info about ship (hence, really allow a zoomed in look, also showing ship look & color sheme etc);
    with incorrect data. For Tau: launches 0 seeker missiles. Well, that's gonna be wrong.
    How much damage do bombers do?

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