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@mudhappy Would you be willing to send me the zip of your working mod? Or what program do I need? I've spent like 8 hours trying to play around to fix it, and I went through the process on the conversion video(yours) posted here.

Edit: I just went through all of your steps again with fresh mod files, and I still have the same suspension issues.

Edit 2: I used SpintiresMod to convert the meshes aswell.

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I'm trying to convert a spintires mod into Mudrunner because no one has made this truck yet, I put it through the editor and got everything all set. The truck shows up in game, but the suspension does not work whatsoever. The truck just drops to the ground and flips out. I have gone through the XML file multiple times and still have not been able to fix this.. Any ideas?

Here's some pictures:

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