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Instead of worrying about players who've figured out how to exploit the system, I'm left wondering why the developers thought a system that rewarded renown (think about what that word means) for doing literally nothing was a good idea. No shots fired & not even any movement through the mission. In all honesty if a squad hasn't recovered any relics or completed any objectives the amount of renown gained for kills only should be very minimal. No kills, no relics & no mission objectives = a big zero for renown. Please try again. Think about it, a space marine doesn't build his fame just by showing up to the battle, but that's the system we have now.

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Not an issue since it isn't a competitive PVP game.

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As a 40k fan I truly want this game to be great, but there are definitely some serious issues with it as it is now.
First I've never had a game close due to errors so many times. I report each instance so hopefully there will be fixes. Maybe pc gamers are ok with that, but console players are not used to this.

Server stability also seems to be a problem. It's incredibly frustrating to spend 20-30 minutes playing a map only to get disconnected from host near the end, even when I'm the host.

Beyond that I have a few suggestions.

Why no new game plus? There should be fervor points given out for chapter 9 & then progress should carry over to continue on a higher difficulty. It's not even possible to completely level my character as the game is now. Only one skill tree can be completed in a single playthrough. This is essential to be fixed & should be a main priority.

Please merge character progression on the single player & multi player versions.

Hopefully there's DLC coming. The game is very short, able to be completed in well under 10 hours. Even as a first time player in champion difficulty it only took about 11 hours.

It feels like the story is incomplete. As a fan of the lore I was excited about the seemingly developing mystery concerning the Caliban's Will, Luther & the Fallen. I, & I'm sure many others were expecting more from the story in this direction.

As many others have said melee needs some tweaking. I'm fine with it being slower, after all these are terminators, but being hit with a force weapon by a space marine in terminator armor should be a one hit kill if it's going to be slow. I'm sure data is collected on this, so how many players actually use melee?

The game frequently freezes during the action for a couple of seconds.

Audio sometimes doesn't play when the mechanicus or Belial speaks during missions.

With that said there is still much to like about Deathwing. The speed of the game is good I think. Terminators are walking tanks, not fast, but powerful. Tyranids are quick & create a sense of suspense & tension with their sudden appearance & rapid attacks. The bioblast strain in particular always caused an anxiety response when I'd hear their high pitched screams but couldn't see them yet.
The graphics are spot on.
The dialog is exactly what I'd imagine space marines to be saying both pre mission & during squad communications.