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Hope so, but seems that Cyanide prefers waste his time and resources in dead projects like 'Blood Bowl: Death Zone'.

Really sad... 😓

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Ok... I'm so confused with this recent announce:

Blood Bowl - Death Zone

@Netheos could you give us more info?

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First of all, thanks for your quick response.

I tried the Adaptive Vertical sync from the NVIDIA Control Panel solution, but the problem persist. I tried to change the Vertical sync config to active, fast, etc. Same problem.


Kind regards

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-Hello lads, i have noticed a graphic problem in which there are drops of fps every 3 seconds? As if the game was not fluid. You will see an example at the video below:

link text

Any idea whats happening?

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-Hello lads, i spotted a graphic bug that happens sometimes in the menu screen. As you can see in the image below there are 2 skeletons at the same time:

alt text

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@cmmdr-slacker said in The future of Blood Bowl 2:

More player customisation options (aesthetic)

For BB3 could be intereseting a live rules set synchronized with the tabletop actual rules:

alt text

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JUST WOW. Thats could be interesting... lets see if Cyadine or Focus tell us something about this. Maybe @Netheos could tell us!

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-Good evening, fans of Blood Bowl. I think that these last days we have seen different events where Cyanide/Focus could have announced news about our beloved game. The recent E3 or the "Skulls for the Skulls Throne" event were magnificent occasions to have announced new content (as "Khorne" or "Slaanesh" teams).

I know that Cyanide is focused in other titles (Space Hulk Tactics, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf...), but the lack of news of BB2 is really disturbing.

Blood Bowl 2 is still alive, with a growing and loyal community, the participation in the currently WorldCup 2018 proves it.

Does anyone know something about our beloved game future? Are they letting him die slowly to finally develop Blood Bowl 3?

Post your thoughts! 😉

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@dode74 said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

The problem with using Apos as your determinant is that it actually buffs teams which take fewer injuries relatively more than those which take more injuries. If you take 1 cas and have 1 apo there is the potential for a 100% recovery rate, whereas if you take 5 cas the best case is 20%.

An idea I have proposed before is a stadium enhancement:

  • Medical Team - Any non-BH injuries remaining after the match can be rerolled unless they have already used an Apo during the match.

That way you get a 50% average recovery rate with the potential to be up to 100% regardless of how many cas you've taken.

This really could be useful! 👍

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