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@hawkeye407 Could be a great idea, but as @dragonloup said, the dev team isn't developing BB2 right now (who knows if a future exp await us!). A BB2 in tablets could be great with cross platforms multiplayer.

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@isarnwolf Which images you mean? The Slaanesh team logos?. I see in those logos at least 3 claws!

Quick example:


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@jrco I hope the development team creates a new roster for the Slaanesh teams, as they did for the Khorne teams in the last Chaos Edition. It would be very interesting!

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@the-sage said in Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018 Announcement:


Could you tell us a bit about the process used to determine which leagues would get (how many) tickets?

I presume 1 ticket for every 30 coaches.

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I think that all those Khorne/Slaanesh team logos are in the BB2 game files since the realease

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+1. Toornament partner here and could be awesome a greater interaction between Blood Bowl 2 and Toornament API.

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0_1521621744669_World Cup 2018 - Sin Bordes.png

-¡Saludos entrenadores y amantes de éste apasionante deporte! Focus Home Interactive nos ha elegido, junto a otras muchas comunidades de Blood Bowl 2, para llevar a cabo una fase clasificatoria para la Copa Mundial 2018 que tendrá lugar éste verano.

Si eres jugador hispanohablante, comprometido y apasionado del Blood Bowl 2 ¡no esperes más e inscríbete!

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I hope they will release an announcement in the WORLD CUP 2018. Thanks to the data mining of the game we know tha we will have at least 2 new teams coming in a possible future expansion

  • Khorne::

15_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_16_0.texture_result.png 14_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_15_0.texture_result.png 13_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_14_0.texture_result.png 12_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_13_0.texture_result (1).png 11_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_12_0.texture_result.png 10_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_11_0.texture_result.png 9_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_10_0.texture_result.png 8_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_09_0.texture_result.png 7_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_08_0.texture_result.png 6_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_07_0.texture_result.png 5_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_06_0.texture_result.png 4_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_05_0.texture_result (1).png 3_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_04_0.texture_result (1).png 2_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_03_0.texture_result.png 1_1521620844456_Logo_Khorne_02_0.texture_result.png 0_1521620844455_Logo_Khorne_01_0.texture_result.png

  • Slaanesh:

19_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_20_0.texture_result.png 18_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_19_0.texture_result.png 17_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_18_0.texture_result (1).png 16_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_17_0.texture_result.png 15_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_16_0.texture_result (1).png 14_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_15_0.texture_result.png 13_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_14_0.texture_result.png 12_1521621067209_Logo_Slaanesh_13_0.texture_result.png 11_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_12_0.texture_result (1).png 10_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_11_0.texture_result.png 9_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_10_0.texture_result.png 8_1521621067208_Logo_Slaanesh_09_0.texture_result.png 7_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_08_0.texture_result.png 6_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_07_0.texture_result (1).png 5_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_06_0.texture_result (1).png 4_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_05_0.texture_result.png 3_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_04_0.texture_result.png 2_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_03_0.texture_result.png 1_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_02_0.texture_result.png 0_1521621067207_Logo_Slaanesh_01_0.texture_result.png

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I think that a future Re-Chaos Edition expasion could be possible. Yes, BB is a GW license but as far as i know Cyanide always has some freedom to develop his own game (BB1 Khorne, BB2 Kislev, not the same rules as the tabletop 2016 edition...) so i think that we can see the chaotic teams (chaos pact, khorne & slaanesh ) in the next expansion set (at least i hope so!)

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