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It looks like you may be forced to make an alliance you're not keen to make.

Your alternative is to not progress.

This played out very differently for me despite the same characters and events such as the handle breaking on me too.

You've said yourself you don't have "zero" options. Make do with the ones you've got and see where Fate takes you.

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So when I track Sarah back to the Whaling Station and you have to escape the explosions and get cornered at the docks by the Cultists and Fitzroy... there is no Audio Dialog.

The subtitles let me know what was said, but the voice audio for Fitzroy, Edward and Leviathan are all not there.

By the time Leviathan is speaking to me there is no sound at all... then the next chapter loads and the sound is back.

Should this be happening? Bit of an awkward bug at such a climactic point of the game.

I'm playing on an XBox ONE.

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There are a number of posts where the Community Managers have ackowledged issues and let us know they've been passed to the Development Team.

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Nice addition. Looking forward to a full HUD explanation. Fantastic game. I love it. Thanks again for making it.

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I'll have a look at this when I get back to my XBox.

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Great to hear you're working on a HUD explanation and / or Manual.

I would like to see the HUD explained. You could expand the existing "How To Play" Sticky with something that just covers every symbol and what it means. This would be a huge help.

For Gameplay it would be great to have an explanation of terrain and how it works. Explanation of Orc Traps and hazards and an explanation of Aeldari Warp Gates and other features (it was nice to be told that the Tactical View would show me how the Warp Gates were connected... but I could have used the information before the Gene Stealers used them to flank and carve up my Space Marine Squad... I got the prompt as my squad was reduced to one).

An explanation of the characters and a little basic strategy wouldn't go amiss either. I know without having even used one that a Heavy Flamer may be used to control an area by filling it with deadly flame... However the Librarian's psychic powers are a mystery to me and if I got given one in a quick match I'm not really sure what to do with him because I don't know how he works.

To those who played the Tabletop this game must be a thing of beauty and having you explain the difference between a Gene Stealer and a Brood Lord must seem like teaching people to suck eggs.

However for those who haven't been fully immersed in the Table Top then an explanation of what the characters powers and abilities are isn't so much teaching us to suck egges as it is explaining how a Rook moves differently to a Knight or a Bishop in Chess.

It's a beautiful and great game and this information will go a long way to making it accessible to as large an audience as possible so that the Community may grow.

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Gamertag is my name here. You can add me if you like (just send a message it's for "Space Hulk").

I'm pretty sure the Discord stuff is for the same sort of thing and you can always use the "Looking For Group" features.

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Rubble is something you can destroy.

You therefore need to shoot at it or use a melee attack.

Interacting with a console can open doors and program turrets.

Interacting with rubble with just give you dirty armour.

Shoot or smash.

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I note in your video that it doesn't prompt you to press X.

Are you certain everyone is deployed and you're not cycling between the Marines before you've completed the deployment phase?

You have a fireteam that you should be able to cycle through on the left hand side using your triggers if it works the same as XBox.

Double check this. It's unlikely that it's a Sony Playstation fault because if it was, everyone on the PS4 would be highlighting it.

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Switch is getting "Deathwatch" which will be pretty cool for them. If they could get this it would be amazing.