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I love this game. Thank you so much for making it.

Most of the HUD is self explanatory or easy enough to figure out with some trial and error but my friends and I are still struggling to figure out what some of the information means on the top right.

While playing on XBox ONE and viewing the game in either First Person or Isometric and having the small version of the map on the top right of your screen, underneath this there is a sympol that looks like a Video Camera that is activated by pushing Left on the D-Pad (It's also just above the "X-Button" for activating your scanner with a prompt for "Up on the D-Pad" giving you Assymetrical View).

I can't find an Online Manual that explains the full workings of the HUD. I know the Developers put it all there for a reason... is there an Online Manual somewhere that explains this or barring that perhaps this wants adding to the "How To Play" Sticky?

Thanks in advance.


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