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I am sorry, I am going to refund as well. Yesterday I played both games for like 30 minutes and you can definitely tell, it's not the same game anymore.
The paces are just so completely different and I enjoyed Insurgency so much more than INS Sandstorm that I kept playing Insurgency the whole night :D.

I will check on this game time after time and I hope it will improve in terms of how the game feels. I would be glad to give the developers money for their game, because I enjoy Insurgency so much, more than any other tactical shooter. But at this state of time, this game is not for me.

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This is exactly the problem with INS2. I am very disappointed at the moment and I will not play this game if it stays this way.

In INS1 it mattered if you take a Kobra sight or a long-range engagement sight. Your time to aim down sight was simply longer with for instance a 2X RED DOT sight. It took your character more time to have a stable view because of the type of that attachment.
With that in mind. Running around a corner with a 2X RED DOT sight in INS1 gets you killed against an enemy with a Kobra sight.
In INS2 there is no disadvantage to run around with a 2X RED DOT around a corner because equal aiming time (Time until your sight is still and clear). -> AKA Battlefield.
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For instance, the bipod shows it in a good effect. In INS1 the deployed bipod gave you a huge advantage when it comes to the time you need to have a clear vision. In INS2 there is LITERALLY no difference what so ever if you deploy your bipod or not.
See video ->
Youtube Video

This is a mature point, it shapes the game how it feels. It declares the pace of the game overall.

I made the tactical decision that I want to use the bipod. In INS1 I get an advantage from that, in INS2 I gain NOTHING from it (except recoil control).

The next point shows again the NEW pace of the game.
In the following video, I shot as fast as I can while leaning around a pole. In INS1 it feels slow and sluggish. In INS2 it feels extremely arcady because you can shot during the leaning animation.
Youtube Video

And please take note developers. We don't like that.
As Insurgency Veteran (Fan) since the Source mod release, it is very disappointing. I hope a developer sees that.