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Just a huge passionate gamer, that wishes to see games in the industry do well and care about their players.

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"field of view (FOV) and level of detail sliders on PC" I want the FOV option on console too though, the level of detail I understand not being a console option, but the FOV option would be really nice... I'm surprised FOV sliders are not standard in console games yet, cause any game I play that has them, it works fine in and helps me not feel ill playing, I hope you can add it to Xbox/Playstation, cause I don't like how close to my character it gets when aiming, it's slightly disorienting to me.

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I really don't like how you can't actually pause/stop the game on single player, could that feature be put in please? I would also love to see the ability for the game to be paused in co-op as well, but only if all players in the match pause their game at the same time. Similar to some other co-op games that allow that feature, it's an often underrated and overlooked concept that really helps. Please, sometimes people need to use the restroom or do something important for a short moment and don't want to lose or make others suffer a bit in a match because of it. Pausing should not be allowed in PvP though for very obvious reasons.

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I agree with you, the gold weapons should just be skins, rather then a weapon variant. Weapon skins would be a really cool thing that this game could and should add as a feature down the road.

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I agree with this, it's in high demand so it's a likely thing to happen down the road. It would possibly be a very, very great way to level up your weapons, classes, and earn supplies currency as well. Would be overall a great addition.

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Some form of anti-cheat would be nice, or at the very least an option to votekick players who are either cheating or trolling. I'm surprised neither of these were in the game at the start.

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There should be so many more options and sliders for the aim assist and more controller settings in general, because one of the things I don't like is how as you shoot, the game even on the default setting tries to forcefully aim for you onto targets. A slider for the slowdown when aiming at enemies, and an option to turn off the weird auto aim would be really nice in general. As for PvP, it should only allow slowdown, but nothing else in my opinion because yeah, I don't play it, but I've seen how nasty the aim assist is in that mode. When you don't even have to try to aim at someone to shoot, that's just plain unfair and cheese.

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I didn't really think about this either until I saw this post. This really should be addressed, especially for the special zombies. It'd be a huge quality of life change, as well as give more of an immersive experience to the player.

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I'd like this too, I don't have an X yet. But I would really love it if the game could run 60FPS somehow. 30 isn't bad, but 60 would be so good with a very chaotic and fast paced game like this.

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I second this feature. A stamina bar should be added to this game, especially cause the audio design is not very clear at times. Sometimes my character breathes heavily but keeps going for a long while anyway, or sometimes abruptly stops shortly, it feels uneasy to predict. Plus for how simplistic the HUD is, it could possibly just be a thin blue bar added right below your healthbar to keep it simple and easy to read.

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@jmantheboss Yeah that's my issue with them, they're horrible at saving pinned survivors and either bug out sometimes or just suck at killing it, plus health item management is horrible on solo because they don't have item/weapon hunting or anything like that. Other then those two things the A.I are decent for the most part, definitely feel less frustrating to play with compared to L4D's bots.

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