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have you tried running the appropriate vcredist_x86.exe (32bit OS) or vcredist_x64.exe (64bit OS) depending on your OS, that can be found in e.g.:

SteamGamesLibrary\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010
SteamGamesLibrary\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2012

vcredist_x##.exe is the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Setup

may also help:
see the section C. Install or repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable:

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add loads of machined timber (planks, beams etc) from "lumber mills" to a "garage" or other suitable place that would serve as an exit hub for goods out of a region.

so you have the 8pts of logs to deliver to each lumber mill, then 8pts of machined timber to haul from lumber mill to each garage (or other suitable regional goods exit), with the 8pts of machined timber only being unlocked once the lumber mill has had 8pts of logs delivered.

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I took my G27 peddles apart the other day, to fix the fluctuating zero on the throttle axis, cleaned them out, still didn't fix the problem, so slightly loosened the bolt/nut tightness for the peddle pivot that was done at the factory, which fixed the problem.

it seams to be that over time the nylon bushes in the peddle given the peddle pivot bolt/nut preload must cause the nylon bushes to compress very very slightly which causes them to grip the pivot bolt more tightly causing drag, so by loosening the nut and drawing the bolt back and forth and pressing the peddle with your hand a few time before retightening the bolt at a lower preload fixes the problem.

so I am back to peddles that hold their zero. 🙂

but I still have the mouse cursor vs. wheel/peddle axis problem.

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@mendel said in diff lock damage kills the pace:


http://topix.landrover.jlrext.com/topix/service/archive/63182/off-road driving.pdf is off-topic here, but a nice comprehensive summary.

Are we comparing gear 1 at 1/3 with accelrator key pressed to 1st gear shifter with accelerator pedal as lightly pressed as possible? Or auto gear 1 pedal to shifter gear 1 pedal?


from the Land Rover off-road driving pdf

"Slipping the clutch:
Use of excessive clutch slip to prevent the engine stalling will result in premature clutch wear. Always select a gear low enough to enable the vehicle to proceed without needing to slip the clutch

DO NOT drive with your foot resting on the clutch pedal; driving across uneven terrain could cause you to inadvertently depress the clutch, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle."

we are NOT by any stretch of the imagination talking about clutch slip consummate with heavily laden hill starts etc etc, which is short lived slippage with the engine near peak torque RPM within the bounds of what is considered normal, we are talking about the prolonged slippage used to attain a low wheel speed for long periods, the two are completely different uses, one is relatively normal and at most lasts <5sec even with the most inept of drivers, the other can last much much longer in spintires.

1st gear with an h-shifter with the accelerator not pressed (once moving) has about the same minimum wheel speed as gear 1@1/1 with a little bit of accelerator pressed, meaning its not possible to attain slower wheels speeds as per 1@2/3 or 1@1/3, without engaging in unrealistic amount/duration of clutch slip, which you would just not do IRL when you have a low-range capable transfer box which would give you all your main gear ratios often at an additional 2:1 or more reduction vs. the high-ranges 1:1 transfer box output.

i.e. many of the 5-speed trucks in game have transfer box to split drive between the front and rear axle sets, most transfer box are 2-speed hiving high range often 1:1 drive, and low-range, which is a reduction gear often around 2:1, which generally places 3rd gear low range within overlapping wheel-speed of 1st gear high-range.

but in-game 1@1/3 and 1@2/3 are conferring an advantage that is akin to having 2 low-range gears (without the torque multipacation) through the use of clutch slip to attain low wheel speed and torque converter-esque slip durations.

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try displaying the "normals" of the mesh, it may be possible when it was built the right side was cloned from the left side, but some of the normals are still in their left-hand orientation, which is causing problems with the exporter and causing the triangles faces to be in a left-hand orientation, as if you look at the image of the exported modal with the missing right side, the RH mirror looks to have its triangles flipped, so you may have to reset the mesh normals.

or you could try reducing the part count by attaching parts on the right to similar parts on the left or to the cab itself

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but there lays the problem, your advocate using "simulation" as an excuse to get rid of it, but wont accept simulation in other areas to replace it because it makes it harder for you with your ostensibly automatic gearbox, with very few other manual action that can be penalised.

in the real world you don't slip your friction clutch to simply attain a lower wheel speed, you attain a lower wheel speed by using lower gears at engine tick-over, as a friction clutch only has a finite short life before the friction plates become glazed from excessive slipping, and while clutch damage is not in game, your answer is NOT remotely simulation orientated because I wander if you think it could be added to the gear 1 or R in 2/3 and 1/3 modes to penalise their use for extended lengths of time, as most clutch and h-shift users would welcome clutch damage as a thing from prolonged slippage.

for example adding clutch damage in gear 1 or R in 2/3 and 1/3 modes and for clutch/h-shift users is adding "simulation" in other areas, and advocating adding shifting delay/drive loss during auto-shifting of gears in +1 mode is another adding "simulation" in other areas, which are the type of penalties that are universal for all and would help justify removing diff-lock damage rather than just saying "but simulation!"

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My "simulation quality" is set to maximum i.e. fully to the right.

In order to get the "1", "R", "A" and "+1" shifter the clutch and h-shifter function must be explicitly turned OFF in the in-game controller options, if the clutch and h-shifter function is ON then the "1", "R", "A" and "+1" shifter is unavailable.

Before I did the test in +1 shifter mode, I used the clutch and h-shifter with the C-255 and garage body, a 4th gear run was only just feasible if you took the line of lest resistance, this was the line I used with +1 mode, as it encompassed the most harder ground in order to keep speed up.

The place I got damage using +1 was as you expect given the gameplay limitation of +1, was on the rise just after a left hand corner just east of the southern limber mill, which is the only significant length of hard dry track, and I was in the centre of the track too, my other 3 runs I was much more on the left/right edge.

Your avoiding answering what do you propose as driveline damage in "1", "R", "A" and "+1" if they are ostensibly "automatic" in most of their operation, with the AWD and diff-locks being the only ostensibly "fully manual" items to penalise?

There is no point saying "yes but simulation" in one breath because you incur the penalty of having to press "Q" "Etc" once in a while when you have selected the decidedly none simulation gearbox mode with all the advantages it gives over a more simulation orientated clutch and h-shifter, you are advocating nothing more than there being NO penalty whatsoever for "1", "R", "A" and "+1" use in hard-core mode for the ONLY things that are ostensibly fully manually controlled thus the user can selectively avoid.

Clutch and h-shifter advantage and disadvantages:
No diff-lock damage in mud to on hard dry dirt tracks.
The feeling of a more simulation orientated experience.

Cannot attain in 1st gear a wheel speed as slow as gear "1" can at its 1/3 setting.
You don't have the torque-converter-esque function of "A" or "1 at its 1/1, 2/3 or 1/3" setting to start moving with minimal wheel slip using just the throttle to match resistance before only slightly exceeding it to move forward without digging deeper wheel ruts.
Every gear change has the possibility to cause 6pts of truck damage if there is the slightest bit of accelerator depression upon shifting. (can cause problems if you have a throttle axis with a little zeroing problem, as there is no axis dead zone setting).
Every gear change you lose forward speed as there is no drive as you would expect, unlike "+1" when it changes gear seamlessly without loss of drive as ground conditions thus resistance changes (outside of the initial change to +1).
Fuel management is more of a thing as you often find yourself moving slower in a lower gear so will seek to mitigate it by turning off/on AWD and even diff-lock as ground condition change because its not feasible to change up a gear or is rendered pointless if you have to change back down gears is 50m with the risk of coming to a stop if you leave it to late, it also means you don't have momentum that can carry you across some muddy patches that +1 can often afford.

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if on export some parts of the modal are different sizes, then it maybe that you have used scaling of that part, in which case you need to reset the parts xform using the "reset xform" function.

just remember you will have to unlink parts from the parent-child hierarchy before resetting their xform, as it can have undesirable effects on parts attached to them, if you leave them attached.

e.g. lets say you scaled a cube by 150% in one axis, and 75% in the other two axis, and if you were to export it and dependent on the export function, when you open it in an external app it could be back as a cube with 100% scale in all axis, if you were to reset its xform before export, then shape would be retained and all the scales would be reset back to 100% for the new shape, so when its exported it doesn't get rescaled.

resetting xform also resets the rotation back to 0deg in all axis but the mesh will stay in the orientation it was.

generally speaking resetting xform is something you should do for ALL parts before assembling parent-child hierarchy and doing animation etc.

there are plenty of guides for resetting xform and the do and don'ts, and the steps to take, just see google or youtube.

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@mendel said in diff lock damage kills the pace:

@b101uk There is no diff lock damage in casual mode. Spawn a C-255 on Crossing in hard mode, equip the garage tent for weight on the rear axles, drive straight out of the garage and turn right onto the mud track, put it into 1+ gear and engage AWD and diff lock, then floor the accelerator, you'll see the message several times before you reach the garage. But yeah, that is presumably "fundamentally wrong and inept", and you can probably explain why.

I don't play in "casual mode"

ok used that silly +1 gear mode with AWD/diff-lock permanently ON, took the long route turning right out of the garage 4 times and drove to the other garage, had the accelerator at maximum all the way, 3 times I got there with no damage, 1 time I get there with just 1 warning message totalling 16pts of damage, hardly a fundamental problem I would say given the fundamental "easy" mode advantages that "1", "R", "A" and "+1" gives, after all "+1" is still an auto gearbox capable of shifting gears 2 to 5.

however exactly how do you propose some form of driveline damage to be incurred in "1", "R", "A" and "+1" if they are ostensibly "automatic" in most of their operation, with the AWD and diff-locks being the only ostensibly "fully manual" items to penalise? and is that not asking for nothing more than making the easy controls easer for the sake of very occasionally having to press a button maybe twice.

if you use a wheel with clutch and h-shifter you have gear change damage to contend with, having to be in the right gear and contend with slow changes, and covering the same route there is more potential for gear change damage than diff damage in "+1" mode, granted wheels with clutch and h-shifter don't incur diff damage at lest if you play like a reasonable person as far as I have seen, BUT that "* Q on Q off minigame *" you refer to is replaced by the "clutch and gear change mini game", and I can tell you, you will change gear far far more times than you would have to press "Q" using "+1" if you were trying to cover most routes quickly i.e. faster than most would consider reasonable given this is NOT a T4 and T5 class Rally Raid truck simulator, but one of mainly heavily loaded truck crossing from A to B.

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no crashes, no errors (bar the occasional file mismatch when joining MP games), no graphical artefacts, no missing textures, and everything set to maximum, and even after playing for over 10h on multiple maps in both SP and MP the highest RAM use of mudrunner has been just shy of 1.3GB, most of the time it stays around >900MB <1.1GB of RAM use, all of which is within the lowest limits of 32bit RAM use.

so you may want to look at your OS settings and that of your hardware before thinking a lack of 64bit exe is the cause thus the fix.

to clarify, my total time playing is over 50 hours, the 10h I am referring is the amount of time playing mudrunner without restarting MudRunner.exe, being the time you would expect the greatest RAM use and potential for errors to have occurred like memory leaks etc.