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@harbingercom21 yeah I did that, but the reencrypted file doesn't match the size of the original one so maybe the encrypt function isn't precise which makes the game not detect the updated file properly and fall back to some other set of values which is supposed to be overriden by it. Or probably I'm doing something wrong.

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@wind459 it is stated in beta feedback discussion on steam that the fix for this problem is already found, just not yet implemented in beta

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@fosil said in Second Update Beta:

about call to arms: it undoes stances and shares the CD with repair and morale skills. I am really not sure how usefull it is with all the other debuffs it has.

I double that. New call to arms basically renders a ship combat ineffective while only slowing the crew ticking down, which, you know, kinda defeats the purpose of using it.

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So there seem to be changes that aren't mentioned in the OP - Imperial/SM/Admech torpedoes got their dammage buffed and the admech disruption overcharge now does damage to holo/shadowfields and blocks their regen, for example.

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Changing eldar torpedoes to 1 charge is kinda oof, radical, expect a lot of whining about that. But kinda lends itself to the idea of burst faction and could force some variety. Changes are mostly quite exciting, good job!

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@PistonMiner so a little offtopic, I don't know pretty much anything about modding but I tried to modify Renown_Design_Imperium.csv to get bigger fleets in the campaign, following your guide. It didn't have the desired effect, more importantly - the values I've got in the game didn't correlate even with those that were originally in this file. Say, the value for fleet cap in the file for renown level 1 is stated as 400 but I got 200 and for level 2 it originally was 450, changed to 500, got 300. Any idea what might cause that?

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Your post is very close in sentiment to what I've written about here

Although yours is more eloquently put.

I do think that it's way to easy to cap points and avoid damage with stealth and there needs to be some bone thrown to larger ships in that regard. However, I also think that fast and stealthy ships have a place in the game and pay a price in hull and damage for their gimmick (well apart from some notorious exceptions like DE battleships). So in my opinion it should just be made harder for a stealth spam to cap points and easier for big brawly bastards to defend them - I like your suggestions on king-of-the-hill-like rule and more effective counters to stealth. Probes are rather useless and could use a rework, as well as something could be done to increase the inner detection range (the one that identifies stealth), because the outter one is pretty useless against the amount of stealth you usually have to deal with.

Edit: maybe even something like a new stance with the idea of 'power to long range scanners' that would increase both detection ranges at the cost of your typical reload dps buff. Make that available only to cruiser+ tonnage to not overpower escorts scouting ability. Though that would be harder to implement than some numbers tweaking.

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@jellyfoosh it's great to hear. I was a bit frustrated at the time of writing the post so it sounds overly critical, in fact I haven't had that much problems - sure, a couple of fatal errors popped up right before an MP match start and some minor UI bugs in the campaign, like the 'create fleet' buttons appearing in the ship view screen. Most of my issues with the game lie in the way some mechanics work, the aformentioned boarding being one of them and inconvinience of fleet managment in the campaign (inability to transfer ships between fleets, questionable leadership restrictions on top of the fleet size and amount) being the other. I'm sure these are being worked upon and am simply eager to play the game with the changes implemented. But that eagerness translates to some impatience when faced with the choice of either playing the game as it is or waiting for the improved experience of a pathced version.

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So I think anyone can agree that stealthy escorts with something like emission dissipatior are pertty annoying to deal with in domination MP. I'm not saying impossible but with current mechanics it can be a pretty cheesy tactic when you lose the fight and just harass the points with leftovers.

So what I'd suggest is to not reset point capture progress on enemy ships entering the area but pause it. Currently, if something like an escort so much as touches the area and rushes off back to stealth, the point capping is reset and it can pretty much be done for god knows how long. I belive at least this should be prevented.

Also, I don't know how hard would it be for the point to 'recognise' the tonnage of the ship, but I believe it would be good to make the speed of capturing a point scale with it because currently 2 escorts cap points faster than 1 battleship, for example. The speed scaling with only the amount of ships in the area seems wierd.

Alternatively (or maybe in addition), there could be capping priority so that ships of certain tonnage couldn't be contested by ships of a certain lesser one.

Those are just my ideas and I get that the situation I'm describing is rather specific, meaning one player's got nothing but escorts and the other's loosing on points control and has got no means to deal with stealth left. Yet I believe them to be justified, seeing how easy it is to disrupt and annoy an opponent with this now.

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So the first update was in beta like what, a week after release? While it tweaked some things and most of the changes were for the better, the game's still marred with bugs from minor text issues to gamebreaking errors to balance issues related to core mechanics leading to increadibly frustrating cheese strats. It's been nearly a week after the patch went live with no news of at least an approximate date of the next update which is much much needed, because currently it makes little sense to play the single player until it's fixed, having to replay campaigns with new updates later, and MP is also almost discouraging when you can get into a game agains something like SM LC spam. And also discouraging to play as, for example, SM, because you know their ships aren't worth anything in battle and you'll have to rely on a broken boarding mechanic to have a chance with them.

Frustrated ranting aside, it'd be appreciated to know when to expect the next update. Otherwise it's tempting to just forget the game for a couple months instead of checking for news on patches and hope that by that time it's fixed and not entirely abandoned by players.

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