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how about implementing a more detailed loadout option where you can pick the number of mags/grens/whatnot according to your liking? this with availability and counter separate from the weapon/armor/backpack points and every single item coming with its own weight and so on?
i was thinking about this because i hardly need any more than the mags provided by default but i would like to have another nade or launcher ammo for instance ...

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dunno, still have the impression I originally stated; whenever I join I get killed on the spot or, after successfully breaking this train of failure, I get a disconnect from the server (having a 500 m/bit fibre optic connection) ... 😞

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also I would like to have the played/next map to select/filter from. I just wanted to try smth out on a specific map and could not find any servers running it in 15 min server hopping 😞

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is it just me or does anybody else feel like the AI becomes more "intelligent" as you level up?
it should be becoming easier as you grow in the game and get to know your play but it started at level 40 that I was experiencing massive "arbitrary" focus on my char (like 5 ppl entering a field shooting at opponents without taking damage and me getting a headshot right after taking the 1st opponent out) and now that I am level 50 I can hardly enter a match without being taken out right away ... 😞

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"Post match" on the summarization screen following a match cannot be translated to German "veröffentlichen" whatsoever; it translates to "Zusammenfassung" (orig. transl. "Nach Runde" which you wouldnŽt use here) ...

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