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I dont think we are quit understanding the importance of the mods here. This game has been released on the console for OVER a year now. Still no hope in sight. I saw something talking about fixing working mirrors and what nots..people are not going to ever see those mirrors because they quit playing the game because its losing its touch. I dont see how its hard for anyone to realize how BIG this game would BLOW UP if it had the mods the pc has. I live in south telling you, your sitting on a goldmine here. This is an awesome awesome game...we really need to see some mods fellas.. SOON! Idk if you watch these youtube videos of your game and these pc mods, but go look at a fee of em and youll see what i mean. This should be a 100% main priority to take this game to the next level..we are talking forza big... Mx vs atv big..this could go viral...right now 9 out of 10 people have never even heard of this game. I have been playing a playstation my whole life ive had every one of em. I had never heard of until i stumbled across it on youtube...this game could be huge..your prioritys are in the wrong place.