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i5 7300HQ || GTX 1050ti (4GB) || 2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)

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i5 7300HQ
GTX 1050ti, 4GB Vram
2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)
Windows 10

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4 out of 5 matches I just joined were almost over. Why can't we just play match after match with the same team like in the old days? Why can't we vote for a map at the end of a round? Why are the matchmaking mechanics such a pain in the ***?
I appreciate the performance updates but I couldn't help but deinstall the game now.
And the playerbase is already dwindling, at least in Europe. So please do something. Anything.

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And we need Votekick again! It worked in Ins:2 for years!

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Well, I asked for a schedule not for instant delivery.
But at least adding a map vote at the end of a match could grant some relief. Because then we would not be forced to play the same maps over and over and over again. There are days when I am forced to play Farmhouse in 7 out of 10 matches. I mean, wtf?

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Yeah, I've heard that the remake of Ministry is in the making. But when is it coming?
I am so disappointed right now by so many multiplayer games (BFV here's looking to you) and the only Devs that are honestly delivering are the Ubisoft people working on R6:Siege. There is a nice timeline, you know when to expect what. And don't get me wrong I don't necessarily need a timeline but six maps are not nearly enough to keep me and/or the people playing Sandstorm.

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I just wanted to log in and spend my whole Saturday evening with Sandstorm but then I remembered that there are the same old maps.
Can you tell us when to expect supplies in that department?

Edit: I would love to see some CQC maps. Maybe a remake of Ministry?

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I second that!
Plus, I do miss the snow maps from Ins:2!
In general, while I love every single one of the current 6 maps, I desperately want more variety. We need greener maps, we need dustier maps, we need wetter maps etc. etc. And by the way: where is the eponymous "sandstorm"? Do you think the enginge could handle weather effects like that? (Of course, I am thinking Battlefield 1 and 5 right here.)

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Hello everyone,
for I know that Sandstorm reacts differently on different systems let me give you some background on my individual history with this game (summary below):
At some point during Beta, I upgraded my Laptop from 1x8GB to 2x8GB RAM, i.e. not only 16 GB which are recommended for this game but also dual channel. That didn't give me more FPS but a much smoother game experience.
Still I refunded the game on December 20th because the performance got worse again with the last patches. The next day on 21st the new patch came out, but I did not rebuy because I was finally fed up. (At least, it drove me to buy R6: Siege which I am very very thankful for.)
Finally bought Sandstorm again a few weeks ago, and it turned out the performance got much better with the update from December 21st.
With the new update it got worse again, or so I thought. No FPS drops but the game felt incredibly slow and wonky and blurry. Then I followed the steps from community update and: it works as smooth as never before! Constant 60fps on higher settings than before; almost no FPS drops, only when there is very much going on. I am very glad because performance was the Number 1 issue for me.
Here the link to the community update:

To summarize (based on my own experience, no guarantees):
(1) Upgrade your RAM to 16 GB, and if you can: use dual channel! It is the cheapest way to upgrade and there are a lot of other games that will benefit from this.
(2) I've installed the new Nvidia driver.
(3) I've deleted the WindowsClient folder.
(4) Get some knowledge how to tweak the graphic settings. See link above for some tips.
My own tips:

  • Turn Motion Blur off always, in every game
  • Shadows are the most consuming option so turn them down. (Note that there are several options for shadows, e.g. shadow resolution)
  • FXAA looks not that good but it is very light on your GPU.
  • Use the setting to limit your FPS to a number your system can handle!
  • Turn off all Special Effects like Foliage Interaction etc.

All in all: the gunplay never felt better, and the MP5 is queen!

Still, and this goes to the devs: I will drop a negative review on Steam in a few days anyway because there are so many game breaking bugs and mechanics and I just can't believe you have not fixed them yet!

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@Jellyfoosh: I too appreciate that you have given us a rough date for the update! Now I know when to take some time off 😉

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@planetcanada: Exactly! I do not think the developers are currently in Florida boozing away their life, BUT I am asking for more communication.
Then again: most "pressing" issues in these forums as of now: 'give us emotes' and 'face masks' - so I guess you get what you are asking for... Hopefully they will be implementing some crazy tattoo cosmetics with the new update...

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