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i5 7300HQ || GTX 1050ti (4GB) || 2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)

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i5 7300HQ
GTX 1050ti, 4GB Vram
2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)
Windows 10

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@Jellyfoosh: I too appreciate that you have given us a rough date for the update! Now I know when to take some time off 😉

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@planetcanada: Exactly! I do not think the developers are currently in Florida boozing away their life, BUT I am asking for more communication.
Then again: most "pressing" issues in these forums as of now: 'give us emotes' and 'face masks' - so I guess you get what you are asking for... Hopefully they will be implementing some crazy tattoo cosmetics with the new update...

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Dear devs,
I would be pleased if you could give us an approximate date for the upcoming update. I just can't take some of the major flaws anymore. And of course I am very excited about the new content. So please, just feed us.

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Definitively needed! I already made the suggestion (6 months ago...) that the dropped equiment could be dispersed more widely on the ground - instead of rifle, pistol, smoke nade and frag nade all piling up on the same fucking spot.
I think this is the easiest solution. Or just make it like in Ins2.

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@pacalis said in Hybrid Sight:

Edit: If you believe hybrid scopes does not affect game balance this post is a clear example of what a huge impact on balance it has. If you think everything can be balanced by point systems, costing more points so you cant afford armour, you are not very skilled in pvp because armour is useless for many skilled players so point balancing is not the solution to introducing OP features. And if you want this feature against bots, I say why not, go ahead, its not breaking the game as it will just be a way of lowering the difficulty for yourself.

Congratulations for your post that is subtly arrogant and based completely on subjective opinions at the same time! Of course no skilled player will ever use armor; of course we all want to get rid of classes entirely; of course everyone is against your professional opinion for it is the truth that people will shy away from... Your argumentation by the way is - to say the least - pretty flawed: your post is the example for the impact? But I am glad you found your very own strategy to cope with different opinions via copypasta!
Edit: Seriously I think your post made some legit points. Still, we can discuss about the feasability of the feature, can't we?

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I would absolutely LOVE to see those options (Angled ironsights; magnifier that can be switched off and on) in Sandstorm. I played Battlefield 4 just because of this; unfortunately BF4 is a dumb game. And Escape form Tarkov is way to too hardcore for me.
I can see the point with balance though. When a Pro sniper can go CQC as well then there is a big chance that he/she is overpowered. BUT there is always the possibility to make a combination of sights (e.g. angled and 2x Red dot) very expensive. 5 points for that would make it harder or impossible to buy armor.
So all in all: it would be very nice touch in terms of weapon customization and just a cool thing to play with.

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The gameplay is highly lethal because of performance.

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@thehappybub: On English Wikiepedia it is everything like I said. Or what do you mean?

@Pacalis: Well, thank you mate. Very good research you did there. It is actually good we get scientific, at least I was just before populism, voting right wing and "blame all"-attitude.
Regarding HL2: it was more or less a joke, I did love the Source enginge but never really enjoyed HL2 for some reasons I cannot really clarify. With a new laptop and shit I thought about giving it a new try with Cinematic Mod but then I thought: meh, there is Ins:Sandstorm, there is BFV and I still haven't finished the Witcher 3.

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@Pacalis: My thoughts exactly. Ins2 looks better than Sandstorm right now, maybe minus the decals.
@thehappybub: both the games you mentioned are UE3. But nonetheless I am on your side. And there are (some) games out there running just fine on UE4.

@Pacalis: I saw your laptop components in another thread. You should definitely be able to play a FPS like Sandstorm, at least on Low settings. I mean, I played Ins2 on a Intel HD4000 and a 1,7Ghz dual core CPU and it was just fine. All in all I wish there was a new Source engine (plus HL3 obviously).

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@thehappybub: It doesn't matter on my system too. Texture streaming on high OR on low, the textures still need a lot of time to stream in.
@lordsiggi: unforfunately I guess your workaround only works for people with high end GPUs.
All in all: even with settings all on low, I struggle to get constant 60 frames. Texture streaming on low gets me heavy frame drops while on texture streaming on high the frame drops are still there but at least the game is more or less playable.
I am seriously beginning to lose all hope for this game.

(And I didn't say anything about poor map variety; op'ed air strikes; poor animations; focus on customization while not even having the performance straight; poor weapon choice for insurgents; wrong decisions concerning weapon's damage; the overall senseless implementation of vehicles; bad communication with the community --> but looking at Twitter I am glad that the PR machine is working like a charme...)

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