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i5 7300HQ || GTX 1050ti (4GB) || 2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)

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i5 7300HQ
GTX 1050ti, 4GB Vram
2x 8GB Ram (2400mhz)
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Exactly. I don't mind joining in midgame. But when that match is over, there is a good chance I join yet another match that already begun 15 minutes ago. Map vote at the end of the round and/or more encouragement of custom servers and I am happy.
And yes, @Bronbin there is no game like Ins: Sandstorm out there! What makes it even more frustrating because I can't just abandon it for an other game. It is just too good 😉

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@Demonhart: Who are you? You seem to know me, but I don't know who you are and why are you talking to me in such a weird colloquial way? Why are you looking up threads that are 1 week old? That being said, I am very sorry for your strange picture of maleness and your sad, solitary being as an incel, but hey, when all the frustrated players are finally gone (look at similar games who didn't get straighted out in time), so when things are finally very lonely for you, then you can still play with yourself and getting shot by godlike bots. Have fun, and good luck with your life.

@Bronbin: Thank you for your advice. I already tweaked all there is, still spawing into finished game. Votemap should have been implemented weeks ago.

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Three out of six matches I joined the last 30 minutes were almost over or completely over. Why is this still a problem?
Game is gone again from my hard drive.

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@xXxRayRocks; @Depleted; Well, there were exactly two populated "Versus" (Skirmish, Push, Firefight) community servers yesterday evening (Sunday, 10 pm, CEST). The aformentioned FfF with 9 / 30 players and the KSK which had 5 / 30 players. So what the heck you are talking about?

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING: Of course I do want map vote AND staying with your team. I can't even imagine those two things apart, so I forgot to mention the (for me quite obvious) connection.

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@xXxRayRocks: There are no populated community servers in Europe.

@planetcanada: Exactly!

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After playing on the test servers last week, I was delighted to see the new patch going live so soon! And to my surprise the performance was even better and the minor changes you made blend in very well! Also, the new map is excellent and the most multifaceted as of yet.
BUT there are two things that are still needed and which I consider critical for the further success of Sandstorm.

  1. We need even more maps. Give us the promised remakes of Ministry etc. as soon as possible. Or else the community will get bored quickly again.
  2. We need map vote. Now! After being so delighted by the patch, I was forced to play "Farmhouse" for 5 times in a row! Plus half of the matches I joined were already fifty percent over. This is so fucking frustrating, I can't believe you didn't change that yet.

Still, a very good patch and keep up your amazing work!

*** Sorry for my English, it is not my brightest day today.

Edit: Ok, one more thing: dont show me the votekicking sign for the whole time while the voting is in process. This takes almost half of my display!!! Why not do it like in Insurgeny 1. You vote, the sign disappears. Plus: make it as quick as in Insurgency 1 because people have to react fast and so a votekick only happens when there is a real reason (trolling, excessive teamkilling). I hope you can see my reasoning.

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Just change it to the following:
Q --> Lean right
E --> Lean left

It is very counterintuitive for the first 30 minutes or so but then you will be highly rewarded! Just try it out.

Edit: And yes, I see your point as well. Escape from Tarkov makes good use of this, I think. But in a game like Sandstorm it might be a bit too challenging for the common crowd to have multiple options for this and that.

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Yes, I have the same problem! Only default settings are possible without running the risk of double binding the keys. Especially annoying because I reverse Q and E to Lean Right and Lean Left but now with the double bind actually nothing happens at all because the game thinks I want to lean left and right at the same time.
If possible please fix!