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Or just more maps in general would be a fine start.

Also, just had to share but I got my first Ripper mutation. After 144 hours of playing!
It's on a lvl4 Impressive, along with Extra Limb - Blade!!
Now I only have to successfully nurture it on the blood my enemies to lvl10.
I'll go nuts if I pick up a Smasher mutation along the way.

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Bit of an oldie but seeing as no one's answered you I might help future posters:

You can't really go wrong if you just start with a low-level warband and help yourself.
Exploration of character and warband builds is half the fun.

That said, I enjoy Frenetic's guide to the Possessed myself.

Even though I haven't seen a Ripper Mutation in over 200+ days as a Possessed warband in v1.

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This game truly is amazingly addictive. I already played for 200 hours and that is before I started to write backgrounds for all the characters and naming them individually.

I now have a Hired Sword Magister that's secretly trying to wrest control of the Possessed Warband from my current leader who's been there since the start but is getting weaker due to injuries. Adding this short of stuff is awesome and makes the game bloody brilliant.

I'm going to start a new Sister warband and do this RP thing from the get-go. It'll be glorious as I pray for the soul of every Sister that falls in service to Sigmar in this hell-hole even as some of the Sisters start wondering if, perhaps, they aren't already dead and in some sort of purgatory doomed and damned to fight for all eternity until they're too far gone to even remember what beauty normal life outside Mordheim once offered.

Being able to EDIT names and write bios is a small feature easily implemented but it adds massive hours to Mordheim's replayability. From the bottom of my wretched soul, thank you for this game.

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