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Great stuff guys. Especially happy with the leader reroll properly being removed, the chainsaw foul kickback, and the prehensile tail stacking. Those have all personally bit me a couple of times.

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I like the idea of removing it, but my only fear is removing this, in combination with the 500TV matchmaking limit could cause issues. Which I'm sure was probably the original intention of the extra TV to begin with. If you have a fling team for example that has a tree out for a game (and you didn't reroll the team because you're crazy), their TV and searchable range is going to be well below 1K

If Cyanide feels that matchmaking wouldn't get to the point of it being too hard to find a match, I'm all for getting rid of it.

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I don't believe the mercenary teams will work on COL ladder. I believe I remember them saying private leagues with the option selected, and single player.