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I was able to reproduce this with G3A3 this week, so it seems you're unable to pick up the box if you have more than one magazine?

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if you stand on the car the bots just don't know what to do and since they cannot climb they just stand and watch or run around the point.

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@Raibi your screenshot 🙂

Todays round on CTE 1.3, after Ministry versus


not sure ifrelated but seems there was this thing in early beta:

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This is democracy.

Maybe, to mitigate the votekick abuse problem I think there should be some reasons selected when votekicking
e.g. when you votekick someone then there needs to be a reason selected by the voter and the game should check it.

if people want to kick the player for being AFK: game should check whether the player was stationary for enough time (let the developers pick for how long he shouldn't be stationary, they know when it's too much)

if voter wants to kick you for killing other players the game should check if the person being kicked really killed people.
It happens, but if a team of pros don't want to play with a junior that keeps killing teammates, they should be free to kick him. the game should not do that automatically, because maybe they want to keep him (maybe they just train him?).

I didn't really encounter other reasons I would love to kick someone for but feel free to include them.
JUST votekicking without giving reason and fact-checking will be abused.

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Please change your release cycle to release every bugfix you have ready the moment it is available.

Not only the community will SEE there's work being done, but also every small fix puts you forward in less people being annoyed with the game quicker.

I'd really like to see new smaller patches more often and only create public posts on Twitter/other media when you have fixed some SERIOUS bug or implemented new content /feature. Less PR and more actual updates, please.

bugfixes should be pushed separately from content releases. What you are currently doing may FEEL like a big achievement and finishing some milestone, but I seriously doubt it is what community expects.

If you're unsure if the smaller patch fails horribly, just push it to CTE first, we won't blame you if CTE suddenly stops working for some time.

Hope more people will back me up on this and confirm this is what community expects from you guys. I seriously think there are PR specialists pulling the strings at NWI right now instead of reasonable technical people.

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while rendeing different hair types you cannot see them because they are covered by the hat, even when you haven't choose any earlier.

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checked on insurgents coop normal, hideout map

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when jumping from stairs to awnings you are falling right through them but normally, they just allow you to land on them

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as in topic, should be fixed for insurgents

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Hello @Raibi I'm not really sure as I was never really affected. I've only heard my teammates posting images of this earlier and people mentioning it when we have played together, but since I didn't see any post topic mentioning this I decided to post one.

What I've seen and heard, all cases were larger than -1,000,000 exp lost, but that may not be true for all cases out there, simply what I've seen.