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12 Fleets.

Will there be four Rocks, four Papers, and four Scissors? Or will each of the 12 fleets be capable of making a rock, paper, and a scissor?

I can't imagine a Eldar Rock fleet. đŸ•¶

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@solaire How?

I don't understand or like something. It's bad for balance. I'm not capable of making adjustments. I want to play one way all the time, since I can't it's bad for balance. Narrow minds. Maybe the developers will make the game and play it for ya too.

I can't build a fleet capable of equally playing multiple missions against multiple races...that's bad for balance. Lazy. You and players like you are bad for balance. You want the game to be shaped according to what you think balance looks like.

Let me guess, you want one optimized ROCK fleet to beat scissors. Deploy the same way, the same mission, over and over. Then 6 months later you're crying about not enough variance in game-play. Or crying because some stats were adjusted and now scissors beats your Rock.

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Hmm...If you guys have ever played the Table Top version of 40K or BFG you would know there are different Deployment types. For example Dawn of War, Hammer and Anvil, and Vanguard Strike.

Basically it moves the Deployment Zones around, changing the width, and angle of attack. Tabletop battle are played on a rectangle. moving the DP zones around can change how games play out a lot. Most of the BFGA1 battle spaces were squares.

Hmm...hell, I'd also love to see different shaped Battle Spaces in BFGA2. Circle, Rectangle, Square, and Triangle (would be nuts) Etc.

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Really interested to know if the game will have multiple (at least 3+) Deployment types. If not đŸ€š I hope it's near the top of a road-map for the game.

Random Mission + Random Deployment type = varied and interesting game-play.

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@kadaeux There ya go using logic again. Stop it! Guess I'll need to edit my post so people don't get side tracked from the point of the post. â˜ș

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Your marketing department, if ya have one, has a great job! Are they required to show up for work? At they very least allow Chapter Master Valrak to show the game off. I'm interested, but are married with children. My funds are limited and pulled in a lot of different directions. Convince me that I need BFGA 2 in my life. Convince me I need to be done with BFGA 1. Do you want my money? The Steam page is more of the same information that we've seen. In past Posts I've given ya examples of ways that could convince me to part with cash. Nothing. You are competing with other titles for our hard earned cash. Grovel before your masters! Just kidding, of coarse I'm going to buy the game. What do you think I am?...

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@netheos I wonder if you could post the rig requirements for the closed alpha. I tried to go back through the process of registration to see the minimum GPU requirement, but couldn't get to it because I have already applied. I considered a different email, but wanted to go this route.

Wanting to write it down so I can keep my eye on GPU prices.

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You're friends are under NDA. Don't let your petty jealousy get ya flagged as someone who can't be trusted. We all know you're hovering over your friend's shoulder right now. lol Stop it, it's weird.

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