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@julsouri Thank you for the info. This is something.

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@fortune86 said in Any New info/Pic as New Year Gift?:

I believe we are getting more info in February.

Just waiting for Focus to announce WHATS NEXT event.

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Early February maybe?

I like to know more about Greedfall and also new game announcement.

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@silaf And where I ask this game to be gay simulator? Stop the whole "Romance = Dating Simulator"

Greedfall already confirm romance, including same sex romance. I don't ask them for anything they don't already do.

I refer to AC Odyssey because they also promise for romance and player can CHOOSE to be sexaulity they want, including LGBT and player can even stay single if they want.

BUT turn out It only in main game. Since the story of first additional episode they just release have high chance to force romance on player in the next episode. They promise player and we answer by pay at hight price for editon that include addition story BUT in this addition story, they betray player by force us to romance (and in my case, they force me to romance girl, who myself & my Alexios will never feel anything to her).

Straight player choose try to understand us. Since many game Playable character usually be straight. Game with linear story usually have force straight romance. Just imagine if you live in the world that you are straight BUT every game in the world you have to play as Gay and have to romance with same sex character and even have sex scene with them.

And for game that allow player to choose their sexaulity, most of them use Romance as a tool for player to be what sexuality they want. I have to Romnace if I want to be gay. Even in fact I don't want to romace. I just want to be gay and they have many way for that. But developer use Romance for most of the time. LGBT player have no choice but to do romance in their game if they want to feel that they are what they want to be.

If I want to play Dating sim, I will play dating sim. BUT I want to play RPG game that I can be gay (romance is not necessary just give me some way to be gay).

Romance is not thing that turn RPG game to be dating sim. It's just part of ROLE PLAY mechanic. And sexuality is part of everyone character. What is problem to have romance element in ROLE PLAYING GAME.

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I know we will know more about Greedfall in February 2019 BUT it would be great if you guy at Spider give us something to raise our hype as New Year gift 😇

Since Assassin Creed Odyssey likely to force (straight) romance in the big update and that really disappoint me. Greedfall is my only hope.

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@iyagovos What can we expect from What's NEXT?

new gameplay, companion reveal, release date?!

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Now we have 2 confirm companion.
Siora from Native
Kurt from Mercenaries.
3 remain secret.

Right now we only have clear face/costume/voice of SioraI. Kurt's face&voice still unknown.

l hope we will have chance to see all of companion very soon.

I wonder if Siora&kurt are our starting companion. And I hope Spider will not trace Bioware step by make both of starting companion straight romance only.

Religious faction want to convert native to believe in their God? I really hope for peaceful method Not by force or lie.

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What update? And where can I find the list of this update/fix

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alt text

PC is sick too!
alt text

Who is he?
alt text

Invader (Our people?)
alt text

Native guradian vs Light magic
alt text

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