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I've been getting kicked from all games in IS. I get booted from games with a message that says "Kicked from server: Host closed the connection".

I've tried the following troubleshooting jobs:
.reset my network settings (computer takes like 5mins to restart) - this worked for three days then back to being booted from games
.Restored the game to default settings.
.Removed any applied skins/textures.
."repaired" easy anti cheat
.restarted steam
.restarted my computer
.verified integrity of game files in steam

I've paid for this game and I can't play it. it's pretty frustrating. I've seen that uninstalling the game hasn't worked for a few people and to be honest I'm trying to avoid doing that.

When's this getting fixed? I've also read that the issue just doesn't seem to be getting any attention? seems like a pretty big problem to me

posted in Insurgency - Technical Feedback read more

Wondered whether or not the issue I've been experiencing along woth several others I've seen online will be fixed? I get kicked from servers with a message saying something like. host closed connection. Tried multiple fixes. Reset my network settings, restored anti cheat program, restored game to default settings and removed custom textures. I've seen reinstalls don't work either. What's the issue here and when can we expect it to be fixed. I haven't loved a game as much as IS since BF4 and it's a bit frustrating that I can't play it.