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@cyoce disagree.
Rainbow Six Siege works great with random maps.
If you can pick a specific one, the map will be "overplay" very soon. Especially, because their are only 6 maps right now.
Don't want one map to become the new "Dust 2". It's actually so annoying in CS, that they play the same old map over and over again.

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100%, especially because it might be easy to implement and there are only 6 maps right now. So basically using everything we got so far to it's full potential would be appreciated a lot.

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@angus said in Insurgency is missing a lot of necessary realism in the weapons handling and ballistics:

Sandstorm isn't a simulator. Many of the things you suggest would sacrifice gameplay and make the game annoying and frustrating. While trying to shoot someone and having a gun jam is realistic it has no place in a video game. Adding RNG removes skill and leads to players feeling cheated.
Many of the things your propose are realistic but would kill the game. My suggestion to you would be go play arma.

100% agree.
Even Arma or any other MilSim is not 100% realisitc 😃
For those guys wanting IS to become a military simulation over 9000:
You got be clear and accept what IS wants to be:
A kind of realistic game that puts in a lot of realistic immersion features, but in no way that should effect gameplay in a negative way.
If that's not want you want, maybe the game isn't for you entirely.

Think about it. If you want a game to be 100% realsitic: You play the game once, and after you died 1 single time you wouldn't be able to play the game never ever again.
Is that realisitc? Yes 100%! Fun? No, not at all.

So basically:
Gameplay first. Got to be balanced and fun for most people (and especially for those who's meant this game to be for) + long term motivation. Tweaks in balancing are always neccessary and appreciated.
Realisitc features. Only to a certain extend. If it could potentially effect gameplay in a nagative way, then it shouldn't be in the game.

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@whitby said in Watch our Accolades Trailer!:

General theme was:
"gameplay trumps realism" - apparently NWI think this gameplay is superior to Ins2014/DoI.
"the gameplay of the game has to be balanced"

I totally agree on that with NWI, so basically everything is fine in terms of damage model!

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@whitby said in Watch our Accolades Trailer!:

unimmersive, unbalanced and non-lethal design decisions

Can you please explain, why you think it's like that, when a 7,62 rifle doesn't kill sb to the chest with no armor?

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I just watched some of the older teasers from the Alpha and noticed that the lightning is very different there compared to how it is now in the full release.
I know adjustments has been made due to player feedback saying some areas are too dark.
I general, I support that. Right now you can see better. The daytime seems to be like sometime in the middle afternoon.
However, I really liked the "old" lighting as well.
How about introducing different daytimes:

  1. Afternoon - how it is right now
  2. Early morning / late evening - how it was in the Alpha Teasers
  3. Maybe even ad nighttime (I think you are already working on that)

Let me add, that I don't suggest "dynamic daytime", because round- and gametimes in this game are so short, that one setting will do for the full round/game. Plus you don't want to change meta in the middle of a game (especially in terms of competitive gameplay - some people might argue, that this would bring RNG to the game).

I think this would bring variety to the game, especially because there are "only" 6 maps right now.

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While playing, the arm model of my character became invisible. I think it happend after I switch to grenades and back (not sure tho).
Could only be fixed by changing class. Only resupplying wouldn't fix it. Only respawning wouldn't fix it either.
Happend in Coop on Summit Security Side.




I also noticed that switching from your first weapon to grenades and back quickly would sometimes result in still having the grenade shown in your hand but on the HUD you were back at your primary weapon.

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This game is not realisitc enough yet. We need more airplanes, tanks, boats including submarines, nuclear weapons etc.
Of course you would have to do a 2,5 year training camp In-Game to use them properly.
I think the immersion would benefit greatly from that.

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Yeah, i was confused that there was no update coming last week.
I hope there will be one this week.

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@slazenger I don't think 1 hit kills are the core feature of insurgency.
Plus I really think devs want this game to be successful. At least more successful then insurgency source.
Your screenshot shows that not many people play the original game right now which is basically a bad thing

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