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Good decision! I support it!
I like, what's on the agenda for the new release date.
Other developers stumble over problems but still release a "1.0" version, which is not finished at all!
I see you guys worked hard the last days, and the results where pretty good.
I'm excited to see what you can achieve till 12th December!

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Omg that escalated quickly 😃
I feel like this discussion is interesting, but is going nowhere.
I think you can argue a lot, but people might not change their mind. It's just personal preference.
There are obviously people who like high ttk and people who like low ttk.
I bet at the end of this second beta there will be another feedback survey, where people can say, whether they liked the ttk or not.
Based on these results the developers will balance the ttk I guess.

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@mefirst said in We want the one hit kills.:

@benny said in We want the one hit kills.:

I just want to reply to the title "we want the one hit kills".
NO, absolutly not! It requieres no skill whatsoever!

There is no "skill" in the sense that it is a single thing. What is described as skill is a lot of different things. These days skills in fps (or other games) are often categorized into 3 categories.

**1. Mechanical Skills

  1. Game Sense
  2. Knowledge of content**

Mechanical skill does not mean you know how to fix a car, but in some sense you could say that it is close to it. To stay in Insurgency, Mechanical Skills are skills like aiming, player movement, recoil control etc.

  1. Game Sense is a term that is sometimes a bit vague, but in the end is the ability (or skill) to figure out what is going on in the game and that often results that a player can make right predictions and properly react to it. A example would be playing a round of Firefight and you have 2 out of 3 points and there is one minute left in the game. Somebody with game sense knows that the enemy has to capture one objective in order for not loosing the round. So he can predict that the enemy players will try to capture one of your objectives. Your reaction could be to defend those objectives.

  2. We already went a bit into knowledge of content in the last example. This would involve things like knowing the rules of game modes, or simply knowing how much rounds a magazine of gun X has.

All these categories have a lot of little skills that people can learn and master.

So let me explain why "one shot kills" or a lower TTK does not mean that the game is requiring less skill. It is simply requesting and rewarding different skills. So let's take a example that currently happens quite a lot (from my point of view). You see a enemy playing moving or just being static. The enemy player has not seen you yet, or he can not see you (because he could be facing the other direction). You start shooting at the player and you actually hit the player. The other player is reacting to the fire, faces you, shoots at you in full auto and actually kills you.

The problem here is that it is likely that a handful of skills are not rewarded, while a smaller number of skills is rewarded out of proportion. The first player was most likely more aware of what was going on in general, he made efforts to approach a position without being seen so easily, he had good aim and yet he got "outplayed" by somebody who just had a good reaction time and some mechanical skills.

By the way, when we speak about one shot kills we also talk about several things.

  • Headshots
  • Hits with Sniper Rifles in the torso.

Those are things that a lot of players think should be truly one hit kills. Apart from that players would like to see situations in which normal weapons will kill players with 2-3 hits in the torso.

Good explanation!
I was obviously refering to 1. mechanical skills. They are (imo) most important in fps games. At least, they are mandatory to be a good player.
Of course, the other points (2 & 3) are very important, too. However, you won't get better at 2 or 3 by making any weapon 1 shot.
So i get what you're saying, but your example is kind of weak. If you have bad mechanical skills you will and should never become a good player in my opinion.
Basically, if any weapon would kill with 1 bullet the gun balancing would be terrible. Bolt action rifles or shotguns would be pretty much useless. That would make classes in this game useless, since everybody would pick an AR. Armor would be useless as well.
I could go on a lot...

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I just want to reply to the title "we want the one hit kills".
NO, absolutly not! It requieres no skill whatsoever!
The damage model is absolutly fine as it is right now:
Go and give it a try on offline solo play against bots. It works perfect. Bolt action rifles do 1 shot tho, on any body part except for the legs. The other weapons are balanced as well.
The main problem is the hit registration which is a network or server issue. Another problem is the movement which is too fast and not smooth enough especially in terms of movement transitions.

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