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The lightning in this game is terrible. It's the only game i play where i actually have to use the black-equalizer on my monitor. Says a lot.

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@slazenger said in We want the one hit kills.:

TTK does play a role in that, as I said in my post. I can full auto spray into someone who has a positional advantage over me and kill them solely because I can drag my mouse down better than them. This removes depth from the gunplay.

Again failing to realize you both have the same TTK.... but yeah, keep going. Why would you rather ask yourself why he didn't kill you and why you killed him, right? Like...he could have had better aim and just head-shotted you...but no, that's magic.

A player fails to a) kill you by either chosing the correct fire-mode or just having better aim and b) doesn't reposition himself after failing .....but somehow this is an argument in favor of a low TTK. Solid logic.

I will take the shortest route often rather than taking the best, more tactical route. This is because I will not die from 1 shot if I get court and can tank shots, even fire back in full auto and probably take them out.

Cool story bro. Wondering why i always kill people that cross over like that... we seem to play different games.

The higher the DPS (as in 1 shot 1 kill), the more important positioning and aiming is in a fight. When bullets can kill in 1 shot you would want to be in cover because you won't survive a 2nd shot.

Next logic fail. Why would i bother about cover if i take out my enemy in 1 shot and he can't react to me anyways and therefore my position is irrelevant. Nice logic... 😂

Correct. The one who has the positional advantage and better aim, IE the one who did not make a mistake will be the one to win. This is how it should be. Lethal and unforgiving. irrelevant to TTK. Ok.

This is a fact based of me playing Sandstorm and surviving snipers shooting me in the chest. I don't need to avoid them for the most part, I can just sprint through them.

Seems like we play a different game then. I always 1 shot with sniper and long barrel, as long as i dont hit the feet.


Stating your opinion as a fact, doesn't make it a fact. A fact is a fact.

Fact, as explained by my last post.

The one i debunked already. So..irrelevant.

Lower skill ceiling = better at deciding who't the better gunman

The depth added to the game from 1 shot 1 kill lethal gameplay raises this skill ceiling; positioning, aiming, teamplay ect are a part of skill. In a high TTK full auto spraying game these are less important, and depth is lowered.

Seems like you didn't understand anything or are simply lying in order to make your point.

Indeed. Due to the lack of depth in the gunplay he was not rewarded for his positioning.

Him having bad aim = not rewarded for positioning. Nice logic.

He did not kill me. He was not rewarded for his positioning.

Him being unable to utilize on his superior position = not being rewarded. So...a bad player is not being rewarded for being a bad player...nice.

Seems once again that you just want an easy game with a low skill ceiling where noobs get rewarded for playing bad. Nice game.

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@slazenger said in We want the one hit kills.:

Positioning: Since you can die in 1 shot you would need to take a well thought our route to make sure you survive wherever your're moving to on the map.

No.... high TTK, low TTK. You always need to take the best route. Player with positional advantage has positional advantage. TTK has no role in that. Everyone has the same TTK. The higher the DPS, the less important positioning is in a fight. Not hard to understand. More DPS = faster fights = less room for mistakes in a fight. Logic. debunked

If you don't you are much more likely to be punished due to the high lethality; a single bullet can take you out. This leads to more depth when traversing the map and tense gameplay (like Insurgency2014) instead of sprinting everywhere and tanking bullets (like Insurgency: Sandstorm)

That's your personal impression and not a fact. Just because something is more obv. doesn't mean it adds depth. Literally.

Aiming: Since you can kill (and die) in 1 shot gunfights are more lethal, riskier, more satisfying + rewarding.


Everything related to the gunplay is more important with low TTK 1 shot 1 kill.


Positioning so you have an advantage; being in cover/prone/crouched, flanking so you are in a better position. Doing this will mean when it comes to aiming you will have a better advantage over your enemy.

Like in...every other tactical game ever. Not related to TTK.

Since you kill in 1 shot and die in 1 shot it's much more important who is a better gunman and can hit their target. First to hit is the first to win rather than the 1 who can full auto spray and drag their mouse down so their bullets hit in the same spot repeatedly.

lmao. The logic is just mindblowing. Lower skill ceiling = better at deciding who't the better gunman. Funny. So apparently... whoever has faster reaction = better than whoever has faster reaction+recoil control. That logic. What did i expect from the guy that literally wants 1 shots to balance all the weapons, instead of... actually balancing all the weapons. Low effort logic.

With high TTK full auto spraying gameplay these do not apply as much. I experienced a perfect example of this on Farmhouse one time. An enemy peaked his head over the river defilade and next to the low wall. He shot at me in single fire, hit me twice (2 hitmarkers I confirmed in Recap). I jumped away into cover then immediately went back and full auto sprayed into him, killing him.

So..a bad player couldn't kill you. Bummer. 😂

This enemy had every advantage but due to the lack of depth in the high TTK gunplay he was not rewarded for his positioning, his accurate single fire (hit 2 times), then peaking from good cover and taking me by surprise.

Ofc he was rewarded for his positioning, he literally shot you twice before you'd react. Are you trolling?! HE HAS THE SAME TTK AS YOU DO. Wow. Like... holy christ what is that logic?! "A bad player couldn't kill me, we need lower TTK so this bad player could have killed me". Wow.

I find it quite hilarious how your arguments literally contradict your own example. The logic..once just mindblowing.

Not even gonna bother on the rest, cuz obviously you don't understand a single thing about teamplay.

Keep repeating that "arguments" over and over again. Always fun to debunk them. It's so easy.

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@slazenger said in We want the one hit kills.:

You'd do it more with a low TTK

Yeah, no. Thanks for your opinion and showing your cluelessness in regards to highly competitive games.

High TTK doesn't go beyond full auto spraying and recoil control dragging your mouse down.
Low TTK makes every other factor of a gunfight more important since there's little room for mistake.

Glad to see (once again) that you don't have an understanding of gameplay mechanics at all. What factor does a low TTK make more important? Feel free to share them.

Positioning is less important.
Aiming is less important.
Teamplay is less important.

Problem with you is the same as with most others in favor of a low TTK: you don't play any high skill competitive FPS games to actually be able to understand it. You just like low TTK and make up BS in order to justify it. But BS is BS, no matter how often you repeat it. I play games with extremely high TTK (quake) and with low TTK (cs)... i don't need to make up stuff to justify my personal opinion, cuz i like both high TTK (quake) and low TTK (cs)... because i understand their gameplay implications and i understand that games consist of more than just TTK, which you obv. fail to understand.

Lost cause. It's the same over and over again. No matter how much logic and facts you get into your face, you will continue with the same bs "arguments" over and over again.

One can just hope the devs are smart enough to realize that as well. Which isn't hard tbh...since it's obvious.

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@slazenger said in We want the one hit kills.:

1 hit kill means you won't just rush directly to the objective if it is well defended. What you would do is use tactics to attack the objective; flanking, smoke, coordination ect.

So...stuff you do in CS, Quake 3 CTF, NS2 etc. etc. pp. ....all games with a higher TTK.

1 hit kill brings in more depth into the game than full auto spraying gameplay ever would.

yawn .... what's that depth again? Right...the glorious examples that get smashed down again and again and again.

This is because 1 hit kill along with objective based gameplay = tactical gameplay.

No? Play NS2. A game with a way higher TTK. And way more tactical and esp. team-based gameplay.

I'm amazed how much bs people can come up with....

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@zucchini said in We want the one hit kills.:

The OHK meant literally a 2-year-old could kill you, so to be good and to succeed you had to be smart.

Sorry to hear you had to try-hard to not get out-smarted/positioned by a 2-year-old.

I'd say that 20% or less of skill in the game was aim based, because as you say it was easy to get kills.

Thanks for the confirmation.

The rest of the skill required was basically map knowledge. knowing how to avoid a camping enemy and how to counter a camping enemy (how to get behind him to free up the pass for your team). it added a tense feeling because you couldn't eat 2 bullets and then duck to cover, if somebody sees you, and was good enough to hit you, you died. It promoted a different type of "team play" because one rogue person that knew what they were doing could kill people holding up the rest of your team. it was more than just rush B. And when defending you had to know how to watch your own back.

Could as well describe CS.

no way could you move in groups like you can now because in old insurgency you could die though people and all lot faster than you can now, less than a second of gun fire and 5 people huddled together died.

Quick reality check: this isn't exclusive to Insurgency. It just takes more effort/teamplay in other games. CS for example. So once again... lowering the skill ceiling for this particular situation. Takes more effort to kill more people = higher skill ceiling.

(not to mention only bad players would move around like that in the first place.... lmao)

Once more... nothing of value for a low TTK, besides the fact you enjoy it. Which is fine.

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@zucchini said in We want the one hit kills.:

If you are wondering this I recommend playing insurgency2, if you dislike this play style than just leave- the game isn't for you.

Nice gatekeeping. Really constructive.

Also: maybe stop talking about "vets" as if it's every old ins2 player. As a matter of fact most true competitive ins2 vets don't mind the higher TTK at all. Apparently only the casual coop and pub players mind it. Then again: ins2 doesn't have a big casual seems like the gameplay isn't good in that regard either.

What's your mission? To hinder a possible evolution that might get Insurgency out of it's 2.5k daily peak playerbase? That's the spirit. 😂

No one will shed a single tear for people leaving. If they lose the 10 players from this forum that cry for a lower TTK, but instead gain people that like Sandstorm more than Ins2... nothing of value is lost. Literally.

Being entitled doesn't help the game. Nostalgia doesn't help the game. Gatekeeping doesn't help the game.

If your only argument for a lower TTK is "because it was in ins2 as well", you have already lost. A quick dissection of your of your "arguments":

it's understanding enemy movements throughout the map

Not affected by TTK

understanding how to flank

Not affected by TTK

understanding how to assault an objective by yourself because nobody ever bloody helped

I thought this is a team game? Play death match games if you want to play solo. Insurgency is a tactical, team-based shooter.

understanding how to clear a room full of people and survive them also being able to OHK you

Yes, everyone plays the same game and therefore has the same TTK. Where does a low TTK bring in any value here?

Like... none of your "arguments" actually bring in anything to the table in favor of a low TTK. You don't say what value a lower TTK would bring to the table, gameplay-wise. Nothing you write is related to a low TTK. Nothing. You'd write the same in a CS forum and it wouldn't make a difference.

That's the problem when people try to rationalize their own subjective opinions, if in reality they got nothing besides "i like it". They tumble into weird arguments that don't make sense but are so commited, no logic or actual facts will come through.

I love Pizza. Doesn't mean i try to make up bullshit arguments to why i love Pizza. "Uhm..because it helps me to not waste time actually cooking..and uhm.... its round...and uhm.... it has some vegetables on it sometimes, that's healthy." No. Like... the only valid argument there is: "Because i like Pizza". Done.

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Honestly? I was super hyped at first... but after playing this game for quite some time i dislike it more and more. At the moment I'm at a point where I'm close to losing faith for this game being a competitive shooter.

  • balancing is all over the place
  • maps are too large and random
  • movement... ugh. clunky sums it up.
  • shooting mechanics are... pretty much point and click...
  • matchmaking is utter trash, whoever designed this system... should re-consider his position and do something else, but surely not design matchmaking systems. maybe it was super low priority...i can just hope so

Yeah, i think they have a ton of work to do, before this game can be taken seriously. December is still "far" away and they seem to work "fast" ...but working fast doesn't include working good.

Sorry this post isn't what you are looking for 😛 ... but after my initial hype has settled i gotta be realistic.

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@dafez said in We don't want the one hit kills.:

@benz said in We don't want the one hit kills.:

@dafez Thanks for your opinion. If you'd provide actual gameplay arguments it'd actually help the devs.

Ok. Realism.

No. Realism is not a gameplay argument.

Forces people to be tactical

Also no.... it makes people either rambo alone or camp alone, as already stated and proved in multiple threads. It's literally what low-TTK people argue with: "So i can flank 10 people and kill them". That's not teamplay nor tactical.

and play with a focused intention, instead of running around like they're playing CoD.

Yeah, 3rd no. That's how i literally play Sandstorm right now. Because of the currently already low TTK. Just run around and kill stuff. Don't even need armor.