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The Champions Cup play offs on the PS4 will adopt the Financial Fair Play Rules originally implemented on the PC.
Currently, the inducement rules mean that the Underdog receives cash from the TV difference as normal, plus any additional cash spent by the Overdog (up to 150k) in inducements. The Underdog can then spend up to 150k of their own cash on top of that. However, in some specific circumstances, this may cause the on-pitch TVs to be unbalanced.
For example, where the difference in Team Value between the two teams is very small or equal, the ‘Underdog’ may be able to take what is in effect an unanswerable wizard even though their status as ‘Underdog’ may have been (in the case of equal TV) decided by luck of the draw.
To promote Financial Fair Play in the Champions Cup (deemed necessary after the scandal surrounding the 2517 purchase of Kill-ian Mbappe by Parravon St Guillaume) the organizers of the Champions Cup are limiting the ability of the Underdog to "top up" the extra inducement money to 40k (not including any cash-over-bank which counts towards TV they have) instead of 150k. This means that, at most, the on-pitch TVs will differ by 40k.
Calculation (Google sheet)
Definition of terms in the Google sheet:
TV difference is the difference between the Overdog and the Underdog's TV
Underdog Petty Cash is the amount the Underdog gets on top of his own cash due to spending by the Overdog.
Round Up is the amount Underdog Petty Cash is increased by to make on-pitch TV more equal. That equates to any cash over 150k the Underdog has, plus up to 40k if the Underdog has that much cash.
To that end, the Underdog will receive, in total:
· Cash equating to the TV difference between the teams, plus
· Cash to account for spending by the Overdog, plus
· Any cash which is already accounted for in their TV, plus
· Up to 40k to spend, taken from their own cash.
This puts the teams within 40k of each other.
In-game, that means the Underdog should always follow these simple rules:
If your treasury starts at 150k or more then it can get no lower than 110k.
Otherwise it can get no lower than 40k below what you have.
It is the responsibility of each player to be aware of and adhere to the Financial Fair Play Rules.
If you notice that your opponent has broken the Financial Fair Play Rules, you should concede the game before the main sequence of play begins and ask for an admin adjudication. Do not validate the match though (this is very important). At that time a member of the admin team will reset the game and advise the players as to the appropriate spending levels.
It is very important that the main sequence of play has not started when the FFP rules are reported. Any game partially or fully completed will be judged as fair and confirmed by the admin team.
The Formula:
TVDifference = OverdogTV - UnderdogTV
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, OverdogSpend - max(0, OverdogCash - 150))
RoundUp = min(UnderdogCash, 40) + max(0, UnderdogCash - 150)
Example 1:
1500TV (140k cash) spends 50k vs 1410TV (100k cash)
TVDifference = 1500 - 1410 = 90
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, 50 - max(0, 140 - 150)) = max(0, 50-0) = 50
Roundup = min(100, 40) + max(0, 100 - 150) = 40 + 0 = 40
FreeCash = 90 + 50 = 140
TotalSpendable = 140 + 40 = 180
Example 2:
1610TV (180k cash) spends 100k vs 1300TV (20k cash)
TVDifference = 1610 - 1300 = 310
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, 100 - max(0, 180 - 150)) = max(0, 100 - 30) = 70
Roundup = min(20, 40) + max(0, 20 - 150) = 20 + 0 = 20
FreeCash = 310 + 70 = 380
TotalSpendable = 380 + 20 = 400
Yes, the calculation is a little complex, however, the principle is simple and in most cases, it should be simple enough to work out in your head. To make things even easier, and to help you to experiment with some different examples there is a Google sheet available. If you intend to use it lots we recommend making your own version to play with.
Please ask any questions below.
Thanks, The PS4 Admin team

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FInal game of week one of the cross platform cup between Team PC and Team Xbox the score after six games sees the score tied at 3 a piece.

Can mutts Dwarves of team xbox beat the juggernaut that is Crucifer of team pc and his mighty chorfs?

Can Xbox shock the comp by giving Team Pc there first every loss in the cross platform cup?

come and join us at 3pm bst sunday on cknoors stream

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After the success of season one with Team Pc Winning the Cup they are back to defend there crown against Team Ps4 and Team Xbox 1. Captain by one of PC Best Andy Davo and backed with stars like Cknoor SeanTV and the World Champion Ornan Team Pc will be confident of retaining there crown.

Team PS4 are bolstered by 4 Time Champion Ladder winner Arzowane as well as other former champions Fantfox ( 2 Time Winner) Sergul and Gasolemall. The Great White Shark will also be back Calcium Cas and A drunken Canadian and Projjkeke rounds it up into a strong squad. Captained by Invitational Cup Champion and Former Ps4 Champion Bernie Buffon will be hoping his team what finished second last season go one better

Team Xbox 1 Also have there ranks bolstered by Xbox big gun Drikk who is also a two Time Champion Of The cladder cup and also has done very well on the pc of late. The Smiling psychotic assassin Rambo will also be making his cross platform debut this former champion fears nothing and will certainly make sure his games are entertaining. We get to see two time xbox champion with Lizards Tomidius return as well you guessed it lizards and they are captain by the no nonsense foul mouthed aussie Wra1thlord. Team Xbox Finished Bottom last season but already confident they can shock Team Pc and Ps4

Everyone is welcome to join the cross platform discord channel

The Competition Rules are
3 minute turns
Resurrection Tournament
1100 tv roster and they add 15 skills (12 singles 3 doubles) no more then two added skills on a player and a maximum of 1 double. no stat ups are allowed
No Inducements are allowed and neither are Stadium Enhancements although you can have a level 4 stadium

Each Team consists of 7 players and each player will play one opponent from the other platform. who ever wins most of the 7 games will win the round its that simple. If the result is a draw after 16 turns it will then go into overtime and if need be penalty kicks.

If after the 3 weeks we have a tie then the tiebreaker is whoever got the most wins overall adding both weeks results up if we still have a tie after this then the two platforms will select a champion and they will play a one off game where the winner claims the championship for his team and the bragging rights of been called the Master Race.

0_1537183155100_pc v xbox.jpg



We are hoping all games will be streamed and welcome you all to come and join the big event and cheer your team on in the streams. All schedule information will be on the cross platform cup platform discord page but look out for the big streamers like Davo CKnoor Sean Tv streaming there games.

See You On The Pitch

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The Nuffle Shuffle show makes its debut on the PC in just over an hour where we talk about the season 14 Champions Ladder what has just ended today and look at some of the teams including the top ranked team in pole position.

Tonight my co announcers are Mercy Flush and VGPurist who will be sharing there views on various topics tonight what also includes The crazy Coach Battle where they take each other on in a duel.

Without spoiling too much we have various other segments to the show with 50/50 The Best and The Worst just a couple of other segments of the show.

Will be streamed on my twitch channel

But those who miss it I will export to my bloodbowl you tube channel here

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Okay can you please tell me what elf race in bloodbowl is the best and why please as I'm doing a fact finding project on them 🙂

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So thanks to a lot of the bloodbowl community the dream has become a reality and the opening game of the Platform cup live now between Jimmy Fantastic (Team PC) and Blade (Team Xbox) on tune in it will be Glorious

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Okay guys I'm looking to see if there is any interest in a cup competition on the PC who would be interested in taking on some of the best coaches the console community have to offer.

In the ultimate bragging rights competition we will see the console coaches try to prove they are equal or better then there PC comrades.

A team of four players will be needed and chosen by the relevant team captain and will do battle over 4 groups of 3 what will have a pc xbox and ps4 player in it. The top player of the group proceeds to the semi finals.

It will be a resurrection tournament and will have a set tv of around 1400tv but this is still in its early stages and will be discussed with the relevant parties.

I think personally this would be great fun and advertise the exciting opportunity of players on different formats coming together testing there skills against each other and a lot of fun to boot.

I already have a few guys who have said they will stream the tournament and I'm sure there is many great pc streamers who could also.

Anybody want to offer there services to there formats cause please say so I really do think this could be a lot of fun. Any questions let me know and will try and answer best I can

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Okay guys Team Battles for the xbox one are live the only question is who to side with, Team Hunter or Team Magic?

This is about bringing fun and banter to the Christmas period where two teams will duke it out against one another trying to outsmart outwit and whatever else they are trying to erm get out.

Expect Double Agents, news scandals, sabotage, detectives grilling blood bowl coaches, meme master wars, crazy blood bowl games streamed live between both teams and much much more.

Want to know more here is some you tube links

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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We are finally here where Stuntmandidi and his Dark Elves will clash with Triperis Chaos Dwarfs to see who will become the new PS4 champion. Game kicks off at 7-30pm gmt but I will be starting at 7pm and talking to my guests and looking at the teams before kick off so come and join us on my channel hope to see you guys there.

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