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Now most of my escorts regenerated so much health that the integer value apparently overflowed into negative number and they started dying in one shot. 😞

Hope this gets patched sometime.

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The escort health continues growing, 62k now, with 1.25 kk morale. 😃 And most of my escorts are like that now.

@existor said in Escort health & morale bug in campaign.:

Probably upgrade with 25% more hp to escorts is calculated wrongly.

Yeah, maybe this is what causes it, i do have that upgrade.

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Some of my escorts started getting current health greater than max health. Might have been because they never stopped regenerating their health. Also they have a ton of maximum morale, though thats probably because max morale dependends on health or something.

Currently i have two 15k health escorts in one of the fleets. 😮

No idea how to reproduce this unfortunately.


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I wonder if tessaract crypt skill still does not work.

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Seems like fleet points, fleet strength(shown at the global map) and cost per ship are not neceserially the same.

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Imo the problem is that its impossible to do anything against carrier spam for most races unless they spam carriers too, not the boarding craft themselves.

I've noticed that strike craft lose their target and return back if the target ship becomes stealthed though, so all eldar and nids can sometimes counter this by boosting into the gas clouds, or by using boost+stealth stance. Also imperial navy and sm light cruisers can probably use all ahead full the f*** out of there with stealthy all ahead full skill if they notice which ship is targeted by the bobmers\boarders ahead of time (though i didn't try this myself yet). And necrons have teleport+stealth for light cruisers and pulse core for the rest.

Probably not worth it using anything other than light cruisers for imperial navy, sm and chaos until the devs fix this(unless you spam carriers yourself). Not sure about tau as i haven't played them much.

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@kilroywh78 said in Boarding vs shooting the ship balance needed:

Currently it seems better to board an enemy vessel and hulk it than to shoot it, i suggest to increase all weapons damage instead or buff every ships troops, at least the last red troops you have, where you can still reduce the ships total efficiency without hulking it. and with buffing the defending troops, the attacking boarders could do some hull damage as well to avoid them being totally redundant.

Otherwise this game will turn into BFG hulking armada.

You can board while shooting or shoot while boarding, you know. And not necessarily the same ship too. 😃

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I've had my pc run out if memory (i have 16 gb) after the game was running for like 4 hours. I was at fleet selection screen at the time. I've looked at task manager and noticed that the BattlefleetGothic2-Win64-Shipping.exe process took about 15 gb of memory while normaly it takes about 2gb in main menu and about 4gb in fleet selection for me.

There was also an exception message with hex integer address after i've managed to alt-tab, but i didn't think to write it down unfortunately. 😞

Seems like this is not the same bug as "regular" fleet selection freeze, since in this case i was unable to end the process from task manager and had to reboot my pc.

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@zucadragon said in Something should be done to adress the strike craft spam.:

Yeah, limiting it outright doesn't seem like the best choice though I understand the issue you're facing. I think going for that splash damage effect would be more effective, but in that case, what's stopping a player from just spreading out squadrons and then just sending more wave after wave? Sure they can't just work down one ship as easily, but would that make such a big difference in the long run?

Well, the turret damage and splash area could be tuned in such a way that attacking, say, 5 cruisers in close formation with strike craft is futile, unless its done form several angles, because they will destroy squadrons faster than they arrive even if they are sent in waves.

I think certain ships should be extra good at taking down squadrons of fighers and bombers specifically. So a carrier can send them out, but I reckon it also would have better armaments against other fighters and bombers.

It could even be that adding a specific escort with that purpose could still be a useful ship... It's fast, so it can lure and outrun plenty of squadrons, but also fire on them and hurt them plenty AND still do a scan, that way you might more effectively be able to counter such tactics over long range when you know it's coming, without losing much in the way of effective firepower.

Yeah that would have been great. Not sure if the devs would be willing to add a new kind of ship though.

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Haven't seen your thread before making mine. My suggestion is to add splash damage to turrets so that it would be hard to board\bomb several ships in close formation, but easy to overwhelm isolated ships.