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Apart from everything, I believe an HK416 should be prioritized.

You got security forces kitted and decked out with fast helmets, aor camo, lbt plate carriers yet they're still rocking older m4a1's with triangular front sight posts. Some modernity would be nice. But I highly like how it doesn't go overboard with too much weapons like BF3/BF4 does. No use for guns like a deagle, ACR's to be in game when they're not being used in service.

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After Selecting Male to Female,

I lost all my unlocked customization. I can't access it from my saved presets.

Sometimes it pops up and glitches back, but if you navigate to the specific item you unlocked, it still shows as unlocked. I somewhat got refunded some credits but it wasn't enough to buy everything back. I think I still lack 700? For shoes and glasses

I got digital dpm soft padded gloves from a drop, the rest were grinded out.
Sand Headset Cans, Digital Desert Camo, Low Cut Dark Brown Lightweight shoes, Combat pants, Non-folded combat shirt, eyewear black.

Though if I relog in, I see them back. However if I try to customize they vanish. Can this still be fixed? I already deleted profile.sav. It sucks if it means I would lose my grinded out items just because of a glitch.

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