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I've noticed that at the end of a match, if my team wins the "Time played" experience points given is always quite large,
and if my team loses, the "Time played" experience points given is always small.
This experience point label should be renamed to "Winning/Losing Team".

I noticed this was a mislabel because I distinctly remember one match where I was playing the online Co-op mode,
where you and some random people go against bots on the opposing team and you're always the attacking push team,
my team just struggled the whole time as the Security side trying to push and secure/blow up all the Insurgents objectives.
We played for 44 Minutes! Which is 4x longer then if we were to win on the first try!
After all that struggle we had such a sad, bitter defeat, I was expecting the "Time played" experience boost to be huge,
but it was incredibly small! even for me being like level 13!

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Hi, I've been playing this game for about a month now and I love it since it's a perfect hybrid of simulation and arcade fun.
I have a shady internet connection so half the time it craps out and I gotta just play offline in the Local Play option.
It's fun to play with practically no lag and to have the team to be smaller on both my side and the opposing side,
for more intimate battles. My only gripe with the gameplay is the fact that when you die, no matter what you do, the game takes away all the waves you had one by one every 5-10 seconds until there is none left and the game abruptly ends and proudly announces that the opposing team eliminated all of my team, despite me being the only one dead, and my AI team members are standing on objective :/.

What I'm asking is:

Can you guys please change the wave system in Local Play so the attacking team's wave is ONLY taken once all the team members die? Also the defending team should be able to take back the objective and have no effect on the attacking team's wave, and if time runs out and the attacking team is not on objective then the defending team should win, or if they wipe the whole attacking team and there is no waves left then the defending team should win, like normal online play.

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