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the Major issue with that is the fact this is an independant APP..the game DEV's have nothing to do with it..

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@artorius said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

I'm looking forward to what they come up with.

I agree with several other posts. 64bit is a must. 32bit was abandoned by everyone almost ten years ago now.

Larger maps would be amazing. Especially for multiplayer. Imagine hosting a server with a huge map with thousands of hectares of terrain, multiple villages and changing terrain.

More customization, wheels, suspension, engines, engine mods, etc. Its allot of work and coding, but would really make the game amazing.

A living world. Have a few deer or moose or whatever run away from a thicket as your lumbering truck gets close. We have birds now, just add a few more things. Bots driving cars and trucks around towns and trails. Sometimes getting in your way, or getting stuck and hiring you to rescue them. Bots could give missions, for example, a quarry might hire you to haul some rocks to a client. And being mudrunner, it's going to be a roadless trip to deliver the rocks. Or logs. Or boxes. Different loads could have different consequences for loss of that load. Also giving the driver more choice in how much to carry. For example, if you are quested to haul 40 crates, but can only fit 12,but due to their weight you can choose to carry 6. Because if you lose one of them you have to pay for it. Losing three would cost the same as what you earn to haul all 40 crates. But with logs, there's no penalty for losing cargo. Just the loss of profits. Hauling various cargo, rescuing bots, and other jobs. Imagine the work a player could have if the game decides to build an airport in a field. You need to haul them heavy equipment like bulldozers and escavators. They will need loads of rocks and sand and logs and steel and fuel and crates of parts. Meanwhile the bots work the airport until its built.

You earn money for better trucks and better parts. Choosing whether to buy a used or new truck or upgrade and modify your existing vehicle for the job. Eventually you end up with a garage with every available vehicle. Add the ability for modded vehicles to be added to the market. New and used vehicles are available from various sellers. But occasionally you might find something for sale by a random house. And you can buy the truck from the owner. These could be rare but offer a better price or randomly be highly modified beyond what would be found at sellers.

Allow the player to walk around. This would enable the player to manually attach winches, change trucks and look for routes by jumping out and walking around. This could also add an extra hardcore mode. Forcing the player to walk to find a vehicle to tow himself if all goes wrong. Or carry an ATV or Dirt bike to use to get back to get help. Maybe you need to hire a bot to steer/drive when towing a truck or else it just goes straight forward. A radio would be an upgrade that would be useful for calling for help. These elements would also play out really well in multiplayer. Where players could call for help from either bots or other players. Also allow players to sell each other trucks (allow the game to set vehicle value).
Allowing people to walk would also allow players to share rides. For example, one player could ride shotgun with another player to go retrieve a vehicle.

These ideas are quite grandiose and would require a massive amount of work. But I would be very willing to wait longer for the game if these kinds of elements were added to it.

Even just a few of them.

As others have said, Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 18 can handle massive maps. Or possibly rewrite the existing engine in 64bit and add these features. Personally I would go with Unity and use the world builder then add the voxel based deformable terrain and from there, custom code the mud and dirt. Using either UE4 or Unity would make the modding community happy as both engines are very easy to mod and give powerful tools to the modders. Plus, at least in unity, making maps that span hundreds of square kilometers would be no problem. Huge mountains and vast swampy flatlands would be both fun and beautiful. Realistic weather and seasons are literally just drop in add-ons from the unity effects shop. Amazingly realistic water is another. All the graphical elements would be pre-made saving time and money. The same for making a third/first person player model. They are pre-built into the engines and simply need to be added as objects. Allowing the devs to focus on gameplay and vehicle mechanics.

Spintires and Spintires Mudrunner are awesome fun. But I think, as do many others, that the games can be much deeper and more engrossing. Almost like a simplified and honest version of Grand Theft Auto. Where you get jobs and build yourself into something more.

The game should still focus on being a great single player experience. But today, more and more people like to share their experiences with other players. Particularly in sandbox games. So the multiplayer element is necessary (and engoyed thoroughly in mudrunner). Multiplayer options should be broad.
LAN, locally-hosted online, private server hosted online and public server hosted online. Limit the number of players based on map size or in private servers by host choice.
Also players should be allowed to cross between servers as long as the servers allow it (open vs closed servers) and the servers both have the same mods enabled. So a friend on server A could be called to help somebody on server B by bringing their truck "across the line".

Sorry for such a long post and for such big ideas. I don't expect much more than slightly larger maps and more details from mudrunner 2. But I can dream cant I? LOL.

Wow... Dare to dream why don't you.... Lol... 8 think that yes 64 bit..... I also think more of whats already offered with alot of improvements of whats already in the game and not much else... But that's just my 2 cents.... I mean come on you are talking about a entire new ecosystem... Lol

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Focus won't comment to this at all... Then they may be letting the cat out of the bag as they say.... We will have to wait and see..

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Well at least the Mod is working now... And I do believe that the Alex name is just a alias for the Modder....

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Exellent... We are back in business.... I really think that it's not the Modders personal account name.... I think it's a ghost account just for the Mod.... But that's OK....

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well day what ever it is and still no update...I am really thinking at this point..he has abandoned the MOD..

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I just hope that the Update 1.8.3 actually comes out.... It's never taken the Dev for this APP this long to Update it.. I am fearing that he may have abandoned it... But I always fear the worst and hope for the best.. Lol

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@pix3lmonkey said in How to install SpinTiresMod (Mudrunner Plus) Enable Dev Tools on ANY map **SpinTiresMod Discussion**:

It still works in the game but not the editor

yeah if you revert back to an earlier version..But I want it for the latest version..Sigh...LOL

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well I hope not..but I am beginning to think the DEV for this MOD has abandoned it...but I will never give up hope...

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@knight25 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

Just give a new or thoroughly modernized engine simulating different types of ground, water, weather, snow and with a lot of possibilities and tools for modders. Some career system, scenarios and the ability to create your own scenarios. Put various machines - trucks, cars, bulldozers , harvesters and the possibility of cutting trees, tracked vehicles. Then just give the console players access to any mods. Finally, you can even add trains and boats for transporting different things, because why not? There's never too much fun.

never dare to dream about all that..if we get half or even a 1/3 of that it would be a miracle...

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