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Hello @CowGoMoo,

Thank you for your report, we will correct tooltips for All Ahead Full, High Energy Turn and Burn Retros.
However for Eldar Wrathbone Shift and Tyranid Rush, information provided in descriptions are correct even if not exhaustive, as the space inertia is not indicated nor calculated in the tooltip 🙂


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Are you considering any form of Force Organisation Charts or do you find them unnecessary?

We are investigating different ways for players to diversify their fleets but this an early thought for the moment. Our main objective was to give enough freedom to players to create their own fleets and for the moment we'll stick to this line. Let's see if people change a bit their rosters with the upcoming patches and hotfixes 🙂

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We will exhaustively discuss the subject with the game designers team but to reassure you, the idea behind is not to allow players to fully change their fleet against their opponents.
We will try to find a middle ground between a full fleet change and no change at all, as @Ekko_Tek suggests it.

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Hello folks,

We have received quite an amount of feedbacks regarding the multiplayer pre-engagement selection of ships, skills and/or upgrades and we feel this could be a step in the right direction indeed.
We will work on a feature to offer you choices before the battle begins but it will probably requires some weeks to develop.
We would probably inform the community through an update when this feature is ready.

Thank you all for your comments!

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Hello @Achilleres,

Thank you very much for the bullet-point feedbacks, these are more than welcome: What we can improve and what we did good are both valuable information 🙂

Needless to say, balancing is the most popular topic among our players and we plan to answer this problematic by constantly monitoring factions progressions to tweak their features. We strive to balance those 12 factions and we hope the next patch will offer something a bit closer to that.

We try to address every technical difficulties our players can encounter. Fixes will be an important part of the next patch.

Unique traits, skills and/or upgrades for sub-factions are a very nice ideas and we already have several interesting suggestions to discuss but we need to see if these are doable first : As you've noticed, we have lots of things to fix and adjust already. Throwing new skills, upgrades or features in the mix would make the balancing a bit too difficult. For now at least 😉

Regarding voices for ships, we haven't noticed such repetitiveness. Are the 12 factions concerned by this issue?

About increasing the ship rosters, we are looking into this issue but again, we won't add new ships until significant balancing patches are in.

I hope I've wrapped up every concern you had but if I haven't, please feel free to poke me or to open an new thread to discuss it 🙂


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Hello @Sharazad,

Thank you for you feedbacks, it means a lot to us to receive this type of comments about the game, especially when they are developed as yours 🙂
Regarding the spore-mine fields spreading, we've noticed that the mechanic works but the Mine spreading icon is not applied. This should be easily fixed in the next patch. Same for the Death World tooltip issue.

About the Vanguard Forces mechanic, the idea was to offer a different way to conquer systems other than through a classic cruiser clash. So yes, it is working as intended that you capture systems with this mechanic. It requires many turns to be achieved though.

As for the Vanguard Fleet and Infested Space Hulk, the initial idea was to give the player the possibility to use those ships in battle.
However, we finally found that it was easier to use and less time-demanding to apply an effect that would do the exact same thing than deploying a Vanguard fleet or Space Hulk during a battle.

Now, I understand this would have been quite neat to see and manage an Infested Space Hulk in battle. We'll try to re-evaluate this possibility in the coming weeks.

Finally about increasing leadership thresholds, this is one of the most popular demand among our players. We are willing to do so but we would probably proceed step by step, to thoroughly monitor the campaign balancing along with the overall game performance. Creating an option at the campaign selection would be a good option too.

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Precisely. We'd prefer to improve and stabilise the actual 1v1 / 2v2 battle experiences first. Not mentioning the balancing of course.


Technically, I'm not sure we can manage to host a game with 6 or 8 players on the same map with their respective fleets : with all ships projectiles, and visual FX running wild... This is a subject we need to investigate and discuss. Internal tests may probably happen to verify whether it is doable or not.

I am quite intrigued by those tests because again, this sounds very funny to play with so many players at the same time 😄

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@Westonsammy ,

  1. Very interesting question. We will probably do some tests to see how many ships can fit in the actual map (titan ships included) and we will adjust the map size if necessary.

  2. Frankly, this is very unlikely... Although I'm sure this could be a lot of fun, I doubt we can offer a reliable experience with so many players. However, we will make sure to discuss this point before taking any action.


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Hello folks,

When you have selected ships, you can right-click on another ship or use the button to activate the follow formation. To deactivate it, you need to either Ctrl + A or select the following ships and right-click elsewhere to give another order and break the follow command.

However, if you encounter an issue to disable this command, please let us know and tell us exactly what you did.


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Hello zharunash,

Thank you for your feedback, this is indeed a very useful feature we didn't put in the game. Yet.

We'll make this point a top priority to discuss for the next patch to come.


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