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Wonderful, when can we expect another update of this size or larger in the future? being 1.6gigs I think. Will you be expanding the character selection or adding depth to each of the classes?

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The last few months have been hard, with the mishaps during December of last year, and the postponed release of EE people naturally felt put off and at odds with SHDW. However since the release of EE one small update and small amounts of forum activity by Streumon put more positive energy to the game, and these forums. I feel its vitally important as a community to recognize the commitment and desire Streumon Studios has for the 40k history and more specifically SHDW game. We as a community need to shed our negative thoughts and energy and start refueling this forum with trust and significantly stronger support towards this game.

Furthermore you as community members should take note and realize Focus Home Interactive is a BIG Company, and their community manager's although are great at what they do and responsive they to can make mistakes and sometimes get swept with lots of unrelated busy work having to do and be apart of big press releases for other titles. FHI is a family of games and support each other in many ways. FHI is never just "sitting on their thumbs", they are constantly working to improve their titles and release new ones, and sometimes they can get a bit behind with their other titles, rest assured SHDW is far from being forgotten or swept under the rug, Its a great title and they are absolutely aware of this.

Finally, lets rejoice, at the fact that it has been unofficially announced recently, for plans of a major update to SHDW. I cant speak for the rest community but I know I want to turn a new leaf and have begun today with this post, I only ask you as members take a moment think about it.

Reply to the post and show your ready for new great content from Streumon Studios, and are happy to hear of the recent news. Thank you Streumon Studios!!

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hmm... its as if I called it.

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@rioku are you suggesting they paid for the data allowed to send to steam and through their servers at 400 some mbs to all their users, just to keep them quiet? cause you know; everyone is just "dying" for the new update to release? No, I doubt that severely, in fact its only reassuring to me that they are indeed following up with a new update and have also showed physical progression. I know its hard for someone like yourself who has made avid posts about patience and etc. However you need to find new virtue in your patience. Show some trust again and instead build some hype, keep the fires positive.

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As said earlier, an update was released today, at over 400mbs. Keep an eye out for a post soon.

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@all users, I did some looking and from what I can see the community managers behind focus interactive are basically swamped with other priority tasks. Like the closed beta of "Fear the Wolves", "Calling of Cthulhu" etc. With that being said the relative silence and the way the pendulum is swinging, I am willing to bet there will be a response around the last week of July, or August, followed by an announcement of what is to come next for SHDW. This would be a good move considering the upcoming release with Battlefleet Gothic 2. Players who play this game probably play Gothic as well. These are my educated guesses and I personally think there will be more content because focus will continue to hold the license behind the game for awhile considering battlefleet's license being behind games workshop as well. In other words I am expecting more content, how large it may be, I think will be bite sized chunks, its a ten man studio and I am not expecting a large sum of content. A consistent flow would be nice though.

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been about 2 weeks since this patch. Considering the track record so far, its been exactly 1 month per patch, based on this logic were probably going to receive another patch on the week of the 17th of July.

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After "EE".

  1. Lightning claws when upgraded with perk fail to animate with the attack animation. (attacking at the highest rate leaves the claws just sitting there), The damage still works as far as I know but the animation fails.

  2. In any mission if your last man dies at the same time as another respawns, sometimes the respawn timers for the other players will freeze and will not be allowed to be revived or respawn.

  3. The 3D model of the game map, for the chapter 4, has a gap in the wall (not visible) but the UV texture covers it and you can actually fall through the map.. I will provide a photo of the location and give a video as well of me doing it. Making the fail safe you did for players to respawn at the start point was a good idea for this potential problem. The actual model of the wall is off and is not actually connected, probably something will unreal engine considering the model is used multiple times in the level. Someone probably forgot to move the wall a few millimeters over in the scene.

  4. Sometimes playing the assault, while using the hammer, if a stealth knocks your right hand out you cannot use either of your hands, abilities or even open doors, not even sprint.. This bug cannot be fixed after healing, only after being healed and your other off hand is broken and than it seems to fix the problem. Really weird bug.

I'll update this with more information soon.

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In regards to perks, the assault use to have 3X more stamina by default, now its not. I think taking that away further takes away from that class, and using it as a perk is something that feels under powering as a perk. Should this not already be a thing for being assault? Its hard enough as is playing an assault. Regardless this is stretched across other classes like the bio scanner. I see what your doing, but it takes away from the players who already had these things, Im happy to see the changes btw, and to make sure you actually read this, I have encountered a bug dealing with respawn, being that if your last man dies at the same time as an ally who is respawning, the rest of the team's respawn timers will freeze. Codex rules are off.

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Amazing! glad to see it coming to completion.